Thursday, September 18, 2008

Walking On Sunshine

Thursday is half day at the elementary school and my day to pick up the grand kid. Since it was a gorgeous day, I decided it would be worth the extra effort to walk. The school really isn't that far, not quite 3/4ths of a mile. I figured I could do an out and back walk, and it wouldn't be too far for the grand kid, either. I know he can walk further than 3/4ths of a mile at one time. As we were walking home he kept questioning "how are we going to get home?" I just told him that we were walking. As we walked and turned down a street he commented, "my mommy doesn't go this way, she goes THAT way!" As we approached our house, he exclaimed "we made it!" Perhaps in the eyes of a 5 year old that is a long walk, especially since Disneyland or Sea World isn't involved. As for my walk, my stats looked like this:

Activity: Walk
Date: 09/18/08 12:26 PM
Distance: 1.44 miles
Time: 0:27:37
Speed: 3.1 mph
Pace: 19' 21 min/mile
Calories: 136

The walking is getting a wee bit faster, but I wasn't going for speed since I had some time on my hands. It took less than 10 minutes to walk to the school, and longer to walk back with the grand kid in hand.

I've finally received some news about my DEXA or bone density test. My numbers are in the normal range for my age. I've also been referred to an endocrinologist. His assistant called me today and asked a zillion questions about my health and running history. She had my file and the basic information that I'm a marathon runner and was injured, perhaps while training. She also added that the doctor found my case interesting since I'm younger than most hip fracture patients, healthy, watch my nutrition and workout. You know what that means? More tests! (It's about time!) As soon as I could, I went down to the lab today and they took blood for more tests. The tests are varied, from thyroid tests, tests for wheat/gluten allergies, hormone levels, and so on. It feels good to finally deal with someone who can look specifically at my issues with a plethora of tests, and not just second guess. It's true that these tests could also be inconclusive, but the fact that they're finally testing me makes me somewhat happy.

By the way, I slept well last night!

Yesterday's song:
Hello Moonglow - Heart



leslie said...

Jesus Jackson, baby, and it's one of the BEST running songs out there! Now I have to go back and read what you actually wrote! :)

leslie said...

Oops -- I guess I saw what I wanted to see. The song RUNNING on Sunshine is by Jesus Jackson, however Walking on Sunshine is (I think) by Katrina and the Waves. Sorry, I!

Anne said...

Good news that so far you're otherwise healthy. Of course, that just confounds the MDs on what caused your bone to break. I sometimes wonder if calcium supplements for we of the lactose intolerant really do that much good. Especially since we've no idea just what's in those tablets since no one regulates them.

In any event, hurray for getting in almost 1.5 miles yesterday, especially while walking alongside a confused (but energetic) kid for the second half.

KatieFeldmom said...

Yeah, my walks with Brian are really slow too. Argh. He's not as bad as my niece though -- she really really really likes to take her time and if there were roses along the way, she would smell them.

I'm glad that you are finally getting tests done so you can know what the heck happened.

Irene said...

Winner with Katrina and the Waves!!!

Thus, the testing begins! They say the supplements do work but they also pointed out that certain conditions prevent a person from absorbing calcium. As for the walking, it's not that I haven't been walking, I just haven't been tracking it. :)

I try to make the walk fun for him by pointing out cars, animals, whatever might interest him. I'm glad to be getting the tests. I sort of wanted to to all of this stuff before the injury manifested itself, but at least they're doing it now.