Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Complaints

My husband's uncle and second cousin have been here for the past few weeks and return to Brazil tomorrow. I do have pictures of them, but every time I think to upload the photos, my husband has his camera and is not home.

We took my husband's relatives and parents out to dinner last night. I sat next to his second cousin. I was admiring a beautiful ring she had on. It's a cabochon, royal blue faux sapphire stone in a silver setting. It's very pretty. I had mentioned that the ring was lovely and she just smiled and nodded with an "obrigado," which means thank you in Portuguese. We went on about our dinner, conversation was lively. I managed to pick up bits and pieces of the stories being told. I know about 10 words in Portuguese and can understand tons more, but enough to get the gist of a conversation. After dessert, Michael's second cousin wanted me to hold out my hand. She put the ring I had admired on my index finger and said the ring was a gift for me. *GASP* I was floored. She said the stone symbolized peace, strength and foresight. I was rendered speechless. At first I thought she was just showing me the ring, but she insisted that it was for me. Of course I thanked her and kept saying "wow." I'm still saying "wow." What a sweet gesture!

Today was also the annual thunder boat races on Mission Bay. The sounds of the race boats resonated through out the neighborhood. It's sort of like NASCAR on the water. We could see a few of the boats in the distance as they raced by. This made for an exciting day for my grandson because "those boats go really, really, fast!" The loud roars of the thunder boats, uh, races resume tomorrow morning.

My son turns 21 on Monday. For his birthday he wanted a 2 day pass to Street Scene, September 19 & 20. For a few years it really wasn't held on the streets, but in stadium parking lots. This year it's back Downtown, on the streets. There's several stages with several bands scheduled to perform. My son was interested in seeing Beck, pictured here, but there's plenty to see and hear. My son mentioned that after one of the bands finished playing, the lead singer came up to him, shook his hand and said "thank you for rocking out!" Sorry, I can't remember which band it was, but my son thought that was pretty cool. Since my son turns 21 on a Monday, he has no plans to go out drinking. He has classes that day and I'm sure he has plenty of studying to attend to. Don't worry, I won't let his birthday go unnoticed. You know there's a cake to set a blaze, a song to be sung, and cake to eat. I just love celebrating birthdays.

Yesterday's song:
Atomic Dog - George Clinton and the Funkadelicks - Run-DMZ



Anne said...

Isn't it a little weird when our "babies" are bona fide adults now?! Happy birthday to both of you (after all, because of you E. has a birthday, right?!)

Very nice gesture too. If only all of our relatives were that generous!

Michelle said...

Wow, that was so sweet! We need a picture of that ring too. Congrats to your son on the big "21"!!

AKA Alice said...

What a lovely gift! Yes, yes...take photos! It sounds beautiful.

Irene said...

Yeah, it is weird that they grow up, sort of... The ring was a lovely gesture. I wish ALL my relatives could be that kind and sweet. ;)

Thank you for the BD wishes for my son.

AKA Alice,
I was surprised!