Monday, September 22, 2008

Angel Of The Morning

21 years ago ... It was 2 AM, pouring rain, thunder and lightning caused power outages through out the city, and I go into labor. 4 hours later (and no drugs) I had a son. He was two weeks late, and went right to sleep after he was born. Today is my son's 21st birthday! Since he has a full load of college courses and it's a Monday, there won't be any big drinking and shenanigans. He's not a big drinker/shenanigans guy, though. He mentioned something about wanting to out for sushi with us tonight. By the way, he's still NOT a morning person.

Since a couple of you have asked, here a picture of the ring given to me by my husband's second cousin. It just occurred to me that it's about the same color as the September birth stone.

Yesterday's song:
No Complaints - Beck



leslie said...

Happy birthday to son, and congratulations to you for raising a good man. The world needs more good men, so thanks for doing your part!

Carmi said...

Leslie said it best. What a great tribute to your accomplishments as a mom that he's grown up so balanced and focused.

May he have many celebratory sushi dinners with you ahead of him, and may you always have ample reason to count your blessings.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Happy Birthday to your son!

Backofpack said...

Happy Birthday to your son, and to you too, Mom! He was a gorgeous baby. And, that is one beautiful ring - wow!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your son! Yup, my son just turned 21 in July, so I KNOW what you mean!

BEAUTIFUL ring. How sweet of her to give it to you!

Kana said...

Hey girl..hope your son had a good birthday. Maybe he will celebrate over the weekend!
Gorgeous the story taht goes with it :)

NotSoccer Mom said...

happy day to your son! hope he had a great time. i can't imagine my son walking alone to the store, let alone off to college!!! ha ha. that ring is just beautiful.

Pat said...

He sounds like a keeper. Congrats on raising a great kid.

barbie2be said...

juice newton? that's one of my favorite songs. :)

happy birthday to your son! 21 is a biggie even if your aren't a partier.

that ring is GORGEOUS!

Irene said...

Thanks! ;)

The path hasn't always been easy for my son, but he's doing just fine! Thanks.


Michelle (BOP),
He was a squished little guy! Heh... Hard to believe they grow so huge! The ring was an unexpected surprise. :)

Thanks, and isn't it weird to have a "kid" that old??? I was stunned that she gave me the ring.

He celebrated a little, but not like a drag out *party* -- Perhaps he'll do something else over the weekend. Thanks!

There was a time when I wasn't sure if college was in his future, but he's attending without me prodding. I think it's because he found his niche. I love that ring!

Thanks. He is a keeper. :)

Winner! It's not that he didn't drink, he had 1 beer, he just didn't want to get wasted.