Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mixed Bizness

I met with the endocrinologist this morning to review my tests. Everything came back normal, but due to the type of injury I've endured, they're suggesting I go on a medication to help build bone for a couple of years as a preventative measure. Before I start the meds, they need to do one more test, and I think that will be it, unless that test comes back abnormal.

Yesterday my son mentioned that he had a pretty good birthday. We went out for sushi and he had his first legal beer, the Chargers won, he went out with a friend and ended up showing some big and burly college guys how to change their flat tire (my son is a stick, so that made him feel all strong), and made it home early enough for cake and the obligatory song.

Back to reality... Our relatively new water heater is leaking... a lot.

Yesterday's song:
Angel Of The Morning - Juice Newton - Barbie2be




Evelyne said...

Wish there was a natural way to build bone instead of having to take meds.

Glad your son had a good B-Day!

Oh no!!!! Hope you find a solution for the water heater and that it doesn't cost alot!

Anne said...

Today's song title is tough.

Let us know how the Fosomax works. It makes sense in your case, though I thought your bone density was OK. Well, preventative medicine is a good thing.

Irene said...

He had a great day. Now it's back to reality and back to studying... I don't mind taking a pill if it's a preventative measure.

The bone density test numbers have me perplexed since it depends who I talk to about it. One doctor says I don't have osteoperosis or osteopenia, and the other says I'm right on the threshold of osteopenia. I don't get it, since they're both in the same department. They do both agree on the meds, though.