Sunday, September 14, 2008

We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands

Not only does September mean the end of summer and the start of school, it means the kick off of birthday and holiday season in my family. I've attended 2 birthday parties this weekend, then my son turns 21 on Monday, and Tuesday is yet another birthday. Birthday season in the family and close friends circle goes from now until the end of January, then it tapers off a bit. I love celebrating birthdays.

I'm not sure what happened this weekend, but it looks like a tornado hit my house. It's a mess. I think what has happened is that my husband decided to take on some home projects, which is great, but he's not too good about putting everything back exactly the way it was. *sigh* Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? Yep, putting away everything and hoping it will help burn off some cake calories from the weekend birthday celebrations.


Friday's song:
Searching - Mary J.Blige



Michelle said...

Whenever you're ready to come up for a bike ride in the vineyards let me know!!

Irene said...

Thanks. ;) I will!