Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Backpack with lunch ready to go?

New sneakers?

Favorite t-shirt with the Chevy on it?

Teeth brushed?

Obligatory first day of school picture?

Introducing yourself to your teacher and new classmates?
Check. No, wait... un-check that...

Today was the first day of Kindergarten for the grand kid. Everything went well except one thing. He told everyone that his name is Jacob. His name is actually Evan. I'm not sure what's up with the name thing, but it was kind of funny. He even had the teacher calling him Jacob. Luckily Mommy set the record straight.

Yesterday's song:
Stranger in Paradise - Tony Bennett



KatieFeldmom said...

Oh my! How funny. Does he know a Jacob?

AKA Alice said...

Jacob...that's too much. I'm sure he has a completely logical reason for the name-change too. LOL

Glad you're back!

Kyra said...

Now I'm complete curious about the name-change. Of course, that's good blackmail for when he's older. ;)

leslie said...

HOW CUTE! And what a fun story for the future.

Backofpack said...

That's hilarious! He must think Jacob is a way cooler name than Evan. What a sweetie!

Anne said...

He kinda looks like a Jacob. That's too funny.

barbie2be said...

what a cutie! i wonder what made him choose jacob?

faith no more?

Miss Rachel said...

So funny. Jacob is a pretty popular name nowadays too so it's totally believable. Maybe it's after Jakob Dylan (who is in your sidebar) - ?

Irene said...

His best buddy is Jacob. :)

AKA Alice,
I'm not sure what's up with telling everyone his name is Jacob. He won't give us a straight answer.

Practice for possible future siblings? Because you know that the first ones you blame everything on is your sibling. Heh.

I think my daughter already wrote something about it in his baby book.

Michelle (BOP),
Jacob is a popular name for his age group. I can sort of understand because I wanted to be Cathy when I was little.

Perhaps he does look like a Jacob. To me, he looks a lot like my nephew, who is Brandon.

Winner! We know why he chose Jacob, we're just trying to figure out why he would introduce himself as Jacob. LOL.

It's coincidental that I put up Jakob Dylan on my sidebar. We're still laughing over the name thing!