Friday, November 30, 2007

Red Rain

Upper Body Workout - Bowflex - Lats, shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest.

If we decide to run in an event this weekend, we'll most likely run in the Jingle Bell 5k - Benefiting the Arthritis Foundation. My husband said he would run in that one with me if we do run. There's also rain in the forecast for tomorrow, which, ironically, wreaks havoc on people with arthritis, including me. We'll see how it all goes.

Yes, it's raining. Not only am I spoiled by the normally wonderful Southern California weather, but so are my animals...

Two of my cats and the dog are pictured here, in the near vicinity of a portable floor heater. The cat on the floor - under the chair, Luna, has declared war on the dog, Logan, and major hissing and claws are usually involved. This is a very rare moment, that Logan and Luna are cohabiting peacefully for the sake of warmth.

At the upper left hand corner is my big tabby cat, Lumpy, AKA Artimes. He's hard to see in the first photo, but he really is there, hiding... See?

Finally, it's the last day of NaBloPoMo. I've officially posted every day this month. I did notice that I did mess up one day, and that was yesterday's post. I really did post it yesterday but it had the wrong date. I did the celebrity look-alike thing the day before, and kept it saved as a draft so I could add it to my post on the actual day of posting. I noticed the wrong date this morning and changed it to when I actually did write and publish the post.



chantal2bfit said...

I'm planning on running the Jingle Bell 5K for Arthritis next weekend! Here's hoping for better weather! Looks like I'm foregoing my race this weekend due the weather - wintry mix of light snow/freezing rain - No thank you!

Miss Rachel said...

Love your new Christmasy blog header. And of course the cat and dog pics. I always like to see those. You said "two of my cats." How many cats do you have?

The song - Peter Gabriel?

WADDLER26.2 said...

Love the animal photos. They are too cute.

Irene said...

I know people who love to run in snow and freezing temps! I'm with you, though, no way!

I have 3 cats and one dog. The cat not pictured is an old black kitty, Cruiser, and I think he's about 16 years old. He doesn't venture into that room. He likes to hang out on my grandson's car bed. :) Winner!

They're cute until somebody gets hurt. Then I have to dig kitty fingernails out of the dog's snout. Thanks. I do love them. :) They make life interesting.