Saturday, November 03, 2007

Feels Like Today

No run today.

I can't believe it...

I'm slammed with yet another cold. Everything aches, my head hurts and I'm tired. I don't think this is allergies since my husband said I was warm this morning. This is exactly how I felt the day I ran my last SDRNR marathon in June this year. The run can wait a day or two.

At the Nike Women's Half Marathon/Marathon, we received a rather decent goody bag, with things I'd actually use. One of my favorite items was this:

I love the back side, too!

The single most motivational item for running this half marathon or marathon was this finisher's necklace:



I'm positive this little piece of jewelry is going to be worn out. It's something I can wear in real life. It would look a little funny if I wore my other finisher's medals all the time.

You know when a run event is a good one when everyone keeps talking about it weeks after it's over -- and I'm not the only one.



barbie2be said...

rascal flats?

sorry you are under the weather again. feel better soon!

Pat said...

I like the ideal of the necklace. I'd wear one I earned and I'm not really into jewelry.

Cathy said...

I love the sign! I want the sign! Does Nike sell them?

Sorry you are fighting a cold again. I've been fighting something my husband picked up and it sucks. Bad for the fitness plan. Hope you feel better soon.

E-Speed said...

I put the gone running sign up in my office, I love it! I've worn the necklace more than any other jewelry I own already :)

Irene said...

Barbie2b3 - Winner!

Pat - It's a great concept. The pendant is small, so it's not like a big, clunky piece of jewelry.

Cathy - I don't know if Nike sells the signs. If I find any info about it I will let you know. With DGS in school now, he's been picking up colds all the time. I guess that's where I'm getting it.

Elizabeth - I have mine in my kitchen. :) I like the necklace because it doesn't stand out and it's rather comfortable. I really love it!

Anonymous said...

One of my coworkers has that sign...dunno where she got it. As far as I know, she doesn't race.

LOVE the necklace. I'm so totally doing that a year or two when I can afford it. Le sigh.

Irene said...

Indygirl - I hope you can do that race. It was a really good experience.

Dori said...

I liked the sign, too. It really was a great race; some of the women from my running club are talking about coming out to run the half next year.