Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beat Of Progress

Per the PDB Mega Challenge, we were to evaluate ourselves and grade our own progress or where we're at in this challenge. I had to go back and reread what I had originally posted in the sign up. I had more than one thing to work on.

The biggest issue I had was motivation. I was going through the motions but not mentally, spiritually, emotionally there. I also felt tired, sort of like I could care less, weak. I had run events that I was signed up for during the summer, and I did them, but I didn't find the satisfaction that I normally do. Workouts were the same, no spark, but I didn't quit. I even went to the doctor and had tests but that was inconclusive. He didn't seem to think it was depressions. I kind of think I hit a wall that lasted 3 months long.

That lull I felt all summer has diminished, and it's showing in my progress and performance. One of my goals was to improve my 5K time, which is slowly getting better, but in turn I have smashed my half marathon time by almost 6 minutes, which happened this past Sunday.
Grade A

My weight loss is also progressing. This morning I weighed 123, which was a surprise, because of all that pre and post half marathon carb loading. I'm not planning on owning that number until it stays there for a while. If that number sticks, that puts me at my goal for the last challenge, and I get to claim my prize of the new running garb I purchased months ago, that's still in the bag. It also puts me with in 2 pounds of my goal for THIS challenge. An added bonus is that I was able to fit into my Nike running skirt and wore it at the HM this weekend. (The skirt wasn't fitting at all this summer. It used to highlight a bad case of muffin top and muffin thighs, which are now gone.)
Grade B+ ~ 2 pounds to go.

Another item on my list was to join a running group. I'm going with the SDTC. I found the info for 2008 and sign-ups are soon, especially for the SDRNR Marathon 2008 training. I'm also signing up my husband. Even though he says he's just running in events to do something with me, I know he would like to be a little faster. He just needs to train.
Grade B (I found the info, I just need to wait for sign ups, so I don't get an A yet.)

My next hurdle to get over is the 8 day cruise we have planned next month. I'm going to try hard to eat and drink as clean as possible. It's so easy to go off track on a cruise, and it's no excuse for slacking. The key is to be as active as possible and stick with the healthier selections on the menu. I know, it's all easier said than done, but I can do it.

Back to working out with weights tomorrow.



barbie2be said...

you're awesome, Irene. what an inspiration!

barbie2be said...

recipe you were asking about is HERE.

Irene said...

Thanks Barbie!