Saturday, December 01, 2007

Jingle Bell Rock

I did it.

113 IRENE M 710 48 5/31 F SAN DIEGO 27:26 8:50

I met my goal of at least one run event per month for 2007. This also puts the total of run events for the year at 14.

I ran in the Jingle Bell 5K for the Arthritis Foundation at Balboa Park this morning. I also dragged my husband with me. I'm not sure if they were expecting a larger turn out, based on all the left over freebies they had. Let's just say that we scored on the freebies that we actually consume. It had rained heavily last night night, and the threat of more rain today may have kept some folks at home. It was also a little chilly out, just below 50 degrees at the start of the race. I don't think it warmed up past 60 degrees this morning, but the cool temperatures tend to make for a more favorable run. This was a fun 5k to attend. Some people dressed up in Santa suits, elf hats and ears, etc. I looked for my fuzzy Santa hat, but it's probably in that one box I still can't find. There was a group who ran as the the reindeer and Santa, as a group -- really cute. There were also several dogs with their owners, both dressed up for the occasion. The event coordinators did provide jingle bells that could tie to our shoes, or where ever. It was kinda neat to run to the sound of jingle bells everywhere. I did have a hard time getting warmed up, and even though my knees didn't hurt, they were very tight. I did OK but I hope that SOMEDAY they implement timing chips for all runs, or it should at least be an option. My time on the clock as I ran through the finish line was 27:14, but the official posted time was 27:26. My wireless run tracker had me at 27:26, but that also includes the time it took to get through the line in the finish corral (after the race) AND finding the water table when I remembered to turn it off.

I've found most of our Christmas decorations. There's a couple of boxes I still can't locate. It's not like we don't have enough ornaments, we probably have enough ornaments for three or four 6' Christmas trees, but there's a few special ones that have significant meanings, and I always like to put those out. (I used to do a lot of crafts when the kids were small, and I enjoyed the Christmas crafts most of all .) A tree is up in the dining room, and I'll probably put up lights on the house tomorrow. I still have a rock pine in a pot from last Christmas. I suppose I should hose that off and decorate it, too.

This year my grandson is very aware of Santa Claus. He's concerned about Santa going down the chimney... Will he fit?



Sunshine said...

Oh how fun to do a 5k this morning. With a wind chill just above zero, we missed the Reindeer Run.
The snow is beautiful.. but no excuse for it being so disgustingly cold in early December.
Oh have a fun Christmas time with that cute Grandchild!

Pokey said...

WOW...congrats on reaching your 2007 goal AND for a GREAT 5K run!!!

Pat said...

I have to remember to go to races when it rains, so that I can get a lot of extras. Nice time.

I do like your Christmas tree widget.

Evelyne said...

Great job on the run!!! Sounds so cute, most of them dressed up and running to the sounds of jingling.

LOVE the pictures of your critters. My black cat is having a really hard time accepting my new guy. I hope he gets over it soon, the stress is unbearable.

No Christmas deco up for me yet. Not sure how decorative I'll be getting this year.

Irene said...

Sunshine - With a windchill above zero, I think I'd stay in, too!

Pokey - Thanks so much!

Pat - There were actually a few races that weekend, so if they didn't make the Jingle Bell Run, there was another 5k in the same spot the next day. It was just a fluke that we came home with so much stuff, but a lot of the vendors who give freebies really don't want to lug everything back to the warehouse.

Depending on what's happening, we'll either go all out with the holiday decorations or just put up a few small things. Since we'll all be at home this year, it's all going up. BTW, my black kitty dislikes the dog. The poor dog will be WAY on the other side of the room and the black kitty (Cruiser) hisses...

Anonymous said...

I love freebies! Especially leftover ones!


Irene said...

Simplypink - I ended up with three 2 quart containers of Naked Juice, an entire box of Soy Joy bars, and about 3 dozen half sized Luna bars!