Saturday, April 01, 2006

Under an hour!

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I ran at the lake today. It wasn't the high mileage that I needed to put in, due to timing (I woke up late ) but I did the 10K distance. I forgot a stop-watch so I used the clock on my cell phone. I ran my 10K in sub 60 minutes, probably in the high 58 range. I never "punched" it or sprinted. Well, I did go a little faster to get around some people, but never put in a full on, break-neck speed effort. I wasn't intending to go that much faster than my prior runs, but it was easy today. The weather was mild and on the cool side, I was more than carb loaded, and I didn't have any joint or muscle pain issues. I didn't really need the Powergel or lots of water... Perhaps being sidetracked this week sort of gave me some extra rest to do better today? What ever it is, I'm a happy camper! It feels good to feel good!!!!
Have a great weekend!


Donna said...

Great job on the run. I just did the treadmill today. I ended up with 6.14 miles in 60 minutes. I had no pain in my calf at all. I have to check the weather, but I really, really, really want to try and get outside tomorrow.

Angie said...

Way to go girl!!! That's all for now :)

FV Tom said...

Good job!

I never question the days when I feel good. I just let them come!!

Irene said...

Donna, Tom, Angie,