Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

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The "Yard Work Workout" today turned out to be pretty mild for me. I forgot the keys to the tool shed and there was only one set of purners... I let my son use the pruners and I took care of weeding and watering. I am regretting not taking my camera with me today because one of the rose bushes that my grandma had planted YEARS ago has come back full force. It's gorgeous. All's it needed was a trim, a little water and fertilizer. This bush is exploding. I also went out to Home Depot for more plants and bought veggie seeds. So far, we're going to attempt white corn, beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, bok choi, carrots, yellow squash and California Poppies, since the 6 packs were no longer on sale. I haven't planted the seeds yet. We still need to prep the garden area to do the veggies...

Reality Check:
It was a better choice to do a real workout when I got home instead of doing nothing, which would have been really easy.

Things that went right:
*UBW - High reps, low weights leg extensions and leg curls, and 300 crunches.
*I'm finishing up the last of my gallon of "special" water as I type this.
*I discovered -- My 16 miler was actually more like 17.5 miles.
*It was a beautiful day.
*I stopped to smell the roses...

Things that need improvement:
*Remember the keys.
*Get all of those seeds started in small containers.
*Find a new snack for when I get the case of the hungries that isn't going to throw my ratios out of whack.

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Donna said...

Thanks for that site. I just checked it out. That's cool.

FV Tom said...

Can't wait to see pics of the roses. I'll bet they are awesome.

I might even try to run outside. I used mapmyrun and scoped out a 4 mile run in my area. Now, I've got to get out there and try it.

be good.

Chérie said...

Thanks for sharing that web site. I'm going to start running outside again this weekend.

My snack food to prevent munchies is peas- fresh or frozen. A little weird, yes, but I just love them. They just aren't portable...

Irene said...

I've seen the site before but never utilized it! It's pretty cool!

I'm going out to the house tomorrow, and I plan on taking my camera! I need to use to figure out a run in the "new" neighborhood.

It's a cool site. I like that you can get a satelite view because several streets and paths do not show up on a regular map. Peas would be a good idea if I liked them. They are probably the only thing in this world that I don't like. LOL!

Have a wonderful day everyone!