Saturday, April 15, 2006

16 Miles Down -- 10.2 To Go

We mustered our 16 miler this morning. I didn't keep a good accounting of time, we just needed to get in the miles. I feel pretty good about the run because there was no pain. In the back of my mind I kept waiting for those knee twinges that were so debilitating last year, but those never happened. I feel so good about that! I had a good Thai cuisine carb load yesterday and my gallon of ACV water, and had cereal, soy milk and coffee an hour prior to the run (I can't do dairy.) Michael had some arch issues and cut his run to about a 12 miler. The weather was also on the mild side, with some scattered sprinkles. Last year the rain and sporadic weather changes really did me in. I felt like a barometer. I swear, I could predict the rain with my knees. This time, I could enjoy the quick spritz of water from the sky. The only thing that's sore right now is my glutes and inner thigh muscles, and that's just peachy... No stabbing knee pain. I also carried my Platypus water back-pack, 2 Powergels and some beef jerkey. I feel great.
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Happy Easter!


Angie said...

Wow! You amaze me with these long runs of yours. I am truly impressed. I never was one for running, but I admire folks who are willing to do it.

Keep on keeping on!

Cathy said...

Way to go Irene. I hope that I can make a similar post in about 16 weeks!

Anonymous said...

so......... chasing you down is out of the question LMAO!!!
I might have to set some traps..


Irene said...

I didn't start out running, it sort of evolved with all that HIIT cardio I did while doing BFL... Before working out I could BARELY run a block.

I'm sure you'll make great progress. Thanks for your continued support!

Traps? My only obstacle, so far, is chocolate... LOL...


FV Tom said...

Hi Irene, I knew when I was old when I could predict rain with my knees! What a horrible feeling but too many years of abusing them with basketball, baseball, running and what not and now I can predict rain!

I envy your running ability.

Happy Easter!

Irene said...

Thanks Tom! I feel like I take a gazillion supps, but I think the thing that made the difference this year is adding fish oil capsules. I'm still not speedy but at least I can still make it on my own two feet!