Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekend Review

Yesterday Michael and I managed our 8 miles. I'm not sure on the exact time for the total 8 miles, but I did the 10K (6.4 miles) distance at the lake in 1:08. I started off with a good pace and was slated to finish that distance in an hour exactly, but I slowed down after Michael received a phone call that his father was going into surgery in a couple of hours. Since we began our run from home, we couldn't turn around and just go to the car, we had to complete the 8 miles to get home. Once we arrived home, we quickly showered, dressed, drove out to the hospital and made it there in time for Michael to talk to his dad in pre-op. Whew! The surgery went well and my FIL is doing fine. I'm not sure when he'll be up and walking again, as he's definitely needing physical therapy, but he's definitely anxious to get up and going again, which is a good thing.

THEN, after the hospital, Michael and I went to the house to meet with the electrician (Yay!) and do more work. The electrician figures he can be out in 2 weeks to start work. There were some gas powered yard tools left behind at the house like a weeder, tiller, and blower. After spending an hour trying to make these things work, Michael finally ended up trekking out to Home Depot for a new weeder. I spent more time pulling and digging weeds out of two more smaller planter areas. I used a "cultivation device" ("hoe" is no longer PC, according to our Iowa relatives with real farms...) and turned over what ever soil I could. The soil is nice. No rocks! The house we're currently living in feels like it was built on rocks... To dig a hole to plant anything requires moving many rocks... Michael revved up the weeder and took care of one of the larger gardening areas in little time. It looks better, but we still need a tiller to turn over the rest of the soil. It's just too big an area. In the midst of all the yard clean up, friends even stopped by to see our "new" old house.

Finally, per Tom's request, here's a picture of the "Bat Mobile" -- I know, it's not a big black vehicle, it just has that "Bat Mobile" feeling when you're in it. Oh, the guy in the picture is Michael. :)

Enjoy your Sunday!


FV Tom said...

HI there.

Happy to hear that your father-in-law's surgery went well. And thanks for the picture! Good looking car.

Yard work: that counts as an extra work out, doesn't it?

Irene said...

I count the type of yard work we did as a work out for sure! I was toast afterwards!

Michael is enjoying the car but he is anxious to get his own car back.