Thursday, April 20, 2006


Michael and I had date night last night. Since he came home so late (after 9 PM) we went out to one of the only places still serving dinner after 9 PM on a weeknight. (There are only 3 in in my neighborhood, and Denny's doesn't count.) I'm not sure what he ate, but he had a good dose of food poisoning. He started to feel sick when we got home, then it was all over... I didn't have the same thing he ate, so I didn't get sick... He probably should have stayed home today but he had a big meeting to attend...

Reality Check:
Deciding to cut out alcohol (for the next month) is turning out to be a good decision.

Things that went right:
*I ran my 10K at the lake in 1:08 this morning.Image hosting by Photobucket
*It's a gorgeous day!

Things that need improvement:
*My run was sluggish today. I never got in the groove of it, but I did it anyway. I was about 2 minutes off my last 10K time.

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FV Tom said...

Hope Michael is doing better. I hate food poisoning.

Have a great weekend!

Irene said...

Thanks. He seems to be doing better. Apparently, it wasn't food poisoning. There is some sort of stomach virus going around... He called the doctor just in case.

Have a great weekend!