Saturday, April 22, 2006


Two weeks ago Costco had orchids for sale, for around $12.00, in ceramic containers. Most gardening shops and nurseries sell orchids for much more than $12.00, without ceramic pots, so this was a deal. I made sure I found plants that had buds, not full blooms. This week they are blooming. I am not sure the proper names of these orchids since their name sticks were missing...

This bloom is about 3&1/2 inches across.

This bloom is smaller, probably about 1&1/2 inches across.

My fascination with orchids manifested itself because I have yet to bring one back to bloom a second time. I think I may have the mystery solved, though... I do have one orchid from last year that has the signs of new flowers for this year... It's showing promise. Proper lighting has helped, but the only place in my house that has proper lighting is my tiny bathroom... I'm hoping the "new" old house will give me success with orchids, since there's a "green" or "sun" room perfect for plants.



Chérie said...

I have the same fascination with orchids for the same reason! My husband keeps giving them to me and I haven't ever gotten one to bloom again. Post a picture if you get a a bloom!

Irene said...

Someday it will happen!

Angie said...

Beautiful!!! Do these have any scent to them?

Irene said...


The ones that are more rounded with white edges have a light "lemon" fragrance to them. The purple pointy one has no fragrance. I sure am enjoying both plants, though. :)