Thursday, April 06, 2006


I thought I had it all figured out. Yesterday I knew I was going to be sans-car. I got up early with Michael so that I could drive to the Collision Repair Center to get his car fixed. (He was in a minor car accident about a week ago - no one was hurt, just his car) Michael took me back home and he was off to work. As soon as I got settled in my "plan" of the day, Michael calls and and wants me to check on his dad. His dad had a bad fall. Problem. I didn't have a car. Michael suggests that I drive our old, beat up '89 Honda. Problem. It's raining heavily and there's no windshield wipers. I decide to wait for the rain to subside then I go to get the keys. Next problem. Keys? Where are the keys? I spent a good part of my day looking for the keys. About 6 pm I found the keys. I then find out that my SIL went over to the house and took my FIL to the hospital earlier, pretty much after the fall happened. It turns out my FIL has a fractured femur and the only way for him to walk again is for the doctors to operate, but they can't operate because his heart is weak... I feel so bad because I had no way of getting over to my in-law's house. I need to go put my house back together... I practically ripped the house apart looking for keys.

Workout? What workout?



Donna said...

Well, that doesn't sound like any fun at all. So sorry that all happened. I hope your FIL is better soon. It sounds like you got a workout from all the running around.

Cathy said...

Sorry about your Father in Law Irene. Hope he is doing OK.

Irene said...

Donna & Cathy,
Thanks! He is doing better but still in the hospital.