Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday Update

I'm thinking about running two half marathnons in October. One is on October 8, the other is October 22. I'm giving this heavy considerations... I normally participate in a handfull of short distance events each year. We'll see how it all goes...

Reality Check:
I've gotta put on an "I am interested in everything your saying" face. I'm attending on of Michael's industry functions. *YAWN* It will be okay...

Things that went right:
*Today I had to run errands so I did 3 quick rounds of upper body circuits with resistance bands.
*Eating and water are on track, 100%.
*I officially signed up for the San Jose RNR half marathon for October 8. I even saved $10. with a coupon!

Things that need imrprovement:
*Today, nothing!



Donna said...

You go girl! All these half marathons, incredible. I didn't realize they had coupons for these types of things. How was the function?

FV Tom said...

2 half marathons in two weeks? Wow!

Hope you able to have some fun at Michael's function.

Irene said...

Half marathons aren't so bad if the running base is there... It's the marathons and any thing over the 26.2 miles that's killer...

I hope I'm able to do it... It's a matter of logistics and finances...