Thursday, March 30, 2006


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I've been feeling a little off lately, and CRAVING carbohydrates, and all the wrong ones,like cookies, sugary cereal, chocolate cake, candy, etc... It was suggested to me that my glycogen levels were depleted since my activity levels have gone up. It makes perfect sense. I've been eating as if I were adhering to a regular round of Body For Life instead of marathon training. For marathon training I need more carbs, but more of the right carbs. I should already be doing this because I marathon trained last year... DUH! I need to start carb loading a few days before a LSD (long slow distance) run. That being said, I made a huge pot of brown rice to have on hand for the next several days, and I need to stock up on steel cut oats.

Today was supposed to be my LSD run at the lake but it didn't happen. Thursdays work so well for my LSD runs because the lake is not that busy and there's not as many bike riders, skate boarders, walkers, dogs, small children, etc., to dodge. Oh well. I guess running with the masses on the weekends will prepare me for running with the masses at the marathon on on June 4th. I am back-up daycare for my 2 1/2 year old grandson, he has a cold and conjunctivitis (pink eye) so I spent the day with him. I thought I could fit in some Tae Bo during nap time but that didn't pan out, either. I ended up making phone calls.

Now that it is quiet and I have time to myself, I think I'll go do upper body circuits.

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Donna said...

All your marathon running is so inspiring to me. I've just really started running in the past year, I did my first road race in November, but am trying to plan on doing a few more this year. Nothing big, 5 miles and maybe a 10K, but it's a start.

Miss Fit said...

Just wanted to say hi and send you some love. I know about those darn carb/sugar cravings... but it feels so good to resist them. I walked around Albertson's the other day and tried talking myself into some Cadbury Creme Eggs, Mounds Eggs, and I don't know what else. I even had them in my hand and walked up to the register, but luckily I came to my senses and put them back! Whew. Close call.

Have a good weekend.

Irene said...

I love doing 5k events! They're like parties. The last one I participated in (November 2005) had a champagne brunch afterwards! My husband and I also did a 4 miler that went from one bar to another, and beer was served after the run... I never thought I would do a marathon, and I did it last year and hurt afterwards, but we're back again. Are we nuts? Yes!

You may have said, but where in CA are you? I think I'm getting past all the carb cravings, now that I'm back to carb loading properly. I did make a batch of chocolate chip cookies but my daughter's boyfriend will be here over the weekend, so I'm sure the cookies will be gone before I can even attempt to make a pig out of myself!


Angie said...

Like Donna said, you're inspiring. I cannot even envision myself doing that right now. I must admit though, running was never my forte. Ah but give me a bike...

I was going to suggest brown rice until I read a little further down your post. Have you tried the Barilla brand multi-grain pasta yet? If not, you should. We think it's fabulous here. Good carbs too.

I hope the little one gets better soon. And watch out for that pink-eye. Make sure you wash your hands frequently 'cause it's very contagious (and miserable to have).

Take care!

Irene said...

We must be on at the same time becasue I just posted on your blog!
I didn't start really running until after I hit 40. I definetly built up to it. I did a lot of experementation on the carbs last year, and brown rice won the prize for carbs I could handle and run on. I'll have to try the Barilla again, just to see how I handle it. I just need to be careful not to add cheese, which is hard not to do when eating pasta... Yep on the pink eye. At work we have to break out the industrial strength, awful smelling disinfectant after a patient with pink eye comes in... I've had it myself, and it's a royal pain in the eye... LOL...