Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Check In

Reality Check:
DOMS in the legs but no knee pain!
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Things that went right:
*I did a really good UBW this morning - High reps, low weights Chest presses & flys, bicep curls & upright rows, plus 350 crunches.
*The galllon of ACV, green tea, lemon water intake is helping.
*DOMS in my legs from the 16 miler on Saturday, and still no knee pain. Yay!

Things that need improvement:
*I am sooooooo bloated. Nothing fits. I know I will be back to "normal" by Wednesday, but then the carb load starts again... It will be like this until the second week of June. then I can get back to regular weight training and less running, and back to a general BFL way of eating again.
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FV Tom said...

Good to hear that your knees are doing great!

be good.

Chérie said...

Yay! No knee pain. That is one of the main reasons I never run more than 4-5 miles outside. The knees always hurt!

Irene said...

I'm pretty happy about the knees!

I've tried different shoes, socks, inner soles, and all kinds of supps, so I don't know for sure if it's one thing or all of those things that helped. I do know that most sports docs ask about shoes the minute pain happens, so I'm big on paying attention to my running shoes. No knee pain is a huge bonus!