Monday, April 10, 2006


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Michael's father is doing well! He'll have to be in a nursing home for a while but he sure is anxious to get moving again, so that's a good sign!

Saturday I know, I already posted about Saturday, but there is one thing I did learn about the "new" neighborhood, is that Sea World has fireworks every weekend until Memorial Day, then it's every evening, all summer. Fireworks go off at 9:50 PM on the dot... At least we'll know how late it is...

Sunday, Michael has soccer, so I head out to the house to do more yard work. He calls me and says he want to have a couple of friends over and barbecue and he says he'll bring everything... I was thinking that we were just going to have four friends over. Ha! I should know better. Not only did he forget a bunch of things, like utensils, but he invited more people than I was prepared for. It was okay, and since the whole ordeal with his dad, it was sort of nice to do something different. We were there to see fireworks at 9:50. Michael also tried to master mind staying the night at the house, so he bought an air mattress. Nice idea but there were no sheets, a small blanket and only one pillow. He said "how bad can it be?"

Today: I'm so tired. I got in some sleep but not enough to feel rested... He tried, though, but we weren't ready to spend the night there YET. Once I pulled myself together I went to a Jack In The Box for something to eat and COFFEE... Once I felt normal, I trekked on out to Target for some plants and a change of clothes... Oh, that's another thing... Clothes. I just bought some simple, on clearance clothes, just because I was going back to the house. I grabbed a small pair of drawstring pants and a small top. When I looked at the pants at home, they looked ginormous. These are the largest smalls I've ever seen. Luckily, I could cinch the waist because I needed something clean to wear, but dang, these are huge! Talk about vanity sizing! Perhaps that's why they were on clearance -- they were miss-sized. I've gone on too long. I'm getting some sleep. I'll be good to do a real workout or run tomorrow.
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Donna said...

I can just imagine those pants, ha ha. I hope you got a good nights sleep. I have no doubt that you will get in a good run today. No cardio for me today, no time tonight, at least I think.

Irene said...

These pants are huge! Well, I could use them as yard work and painting attire! I didn't do cardio today but I have plans to fit in a run tomorrow.