Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sex and Candy

It has nothing to do with anything, really, other than the song is stuck in my head...

Day 16 - Half Marathon Training Schedule - 5 mile Tempo Run

Ummmmm, I ended up not working out yesterday. No real good excuse other than I was feeling kinda bummed about the ankle. I know, that's pretty lame. My ankle has nothing to do with my upper body, other than it's all on my body... Today I did not do the scheduled 5 mile tempo run but I did do the UBW that I was supposed to do yesterday, and that felt great. I'm back to doing BFL style weights and went super heavy on the lat pull downs - 110# of resistance on the Bowflex lat tower. I had to keep checking the numbers on the rods to make sure I wasn't cheating myself. I went heavy on everything. I haven't seen weights over 10# dumbbells in months due to tendinitis in my arms, and on the lat tower nothing over 50#. I still have watch it though. Any little twinge is a sign to ease up. I will probably put off running for the rest of this week and see how things go after this three-day-weekend. I also want to take pictures during the first week of September, just to see if there are any changes. I have absolutely no change with the scale weight, so it's gotta be muscle, baby -- and my clothes are fitting better.

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barbie2be said...

take it easy on the weights, irene! you don't want to get a strain...

sister smile said...

Sex and candy sounds like a pretty good combination to me!

Weights, love 'em. Best thing women can do for their bodies, in my opinion. Nice work.

Evelyne said...

YAY for upping the weights!! Take it easy on that ankle. Have a great run.

Irene said...

Thanks! I did okay. No strain but feeling the delayed onset muscle sorness today. (DOMS).

Sister Smile,
I heard that song two days ago and it just stuck in my head! Since I'm half marathon training (and not WHOLE marathon) I can get back to doing heavy weights again, and hopefully bring my body fat percentate numbers down.

I've had to hold back for so long (on the weights) that it felt really good to up things! How are you doing??? Hang in there, okay???