Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Attitude

A new month, a new challenge...
This month I am actually planning to incorporate weight training with half marathon training. I hope I can do this since marathon training wiped me out from even thinking about doing weights once I got into those long runs over 10 miles... I'll be following a plan from Runnersworld.com, from the Smart Coach program. It's pretty cool. You enter in a previous event finish time and that distance, then the next planned event's distance and how many weeks you want to train. It prints out a training schedule based that info. Initially, I printed out a 10 week training schedule but I'll probably do the 8 week schedule since it's a half marathon I'm training for.

I'm not sure when I'll get in some sort of workout today, but I'm feeling like I really need one. I've got a case of the fluffies.

I finally found Yourself! Fitness for Playstation 2 on Ebay. I purchased it for about $30. It came in yesterday and I have yet to view it, but I've heard great reviews about it. I suppose it could be a great crosstraining/non-running day workout.

All is quiet on the western front... I'm playing nurse to my daughter today, who just had her wisdom teeth removed.SmileyCentral.com
She's fine, just sleepy and dopey from the anesthesia.



KatieFeldmom said...

Best Wishes to your daughter. Hope she has a speedy recovery and no dry sockets.

Thanks for the info on the Playstation thingee. I bet my sister would love it.

Donna said...

I had some catching up to do over here. Sorry, I've been so busy that I haven't commented much, but I'm still here and reading.

That PS2 game (if that's what you call it) looks cool. Let us know how you like it. We have an XBox that rarely gets used. I need to get more stretching in.

Melissa said...

Yes, let us know what you think of that video! And thanks for the info on that training program, I will have to check that out! About the forum, it's at www.myblends.com and just register. Jess will approve it and you'll get a confirmation email. It's pretty cool b/c it's full of familiar faces!! =) I was thinking that blogland seemed pretty quiet lately too.

shpprgrl said...

Ok, I get it now! Is it Patti Labelle? ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-oooo! (Always liked that song!)

Irene said...

Thanks for the dry socket reminder... I had my wisdom teeth out when I was about 35, so I sort of forgot about that! Yourself! Fitness has received good reviews from Maggie (Causticmuse on my blog roll) but it is no longer in production, so I had to poke around Ebay for a while to find one that wasn't going through a bidders war...

I guess it was quiet when everyone signed onto the new "Blends" forum, which is pretty cool. I'm going to give it a try for a while. I belong to two other workout boards already. I also have Kinetic for PS2, which is intersting but you need a lot of light to get it to work right (there's an "eyetoy" that sensors movement and shows your image on the TV screen). I'll post my take on Y!F onec I get into it.

I just stumbled upon that particular training program... I thought it was pretty cool that you could enter in your own info and get a more specific schedule. The new "Blends" site is great. There's a lot of new faces plus many familiar ones, too. :)

WINNER WINNER WINNER!!!! The glory is yours! ;)

Pamela said...

Hope the darlilng daughter feels better soon...I remember all to well getting mine out yrs ago.. Ice Lots of it- that's my best advice!

Irene said...


She's doing great. We have popsicles just for this occasion. Good to see you back again!