Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I Won't Back Down

Day 2 of my 8 week half marathon training schedule is done! Today was either rest or crosstrain, so I chose crosstraining -- upper body weights ala BFL. I haven't really done BFL style weights in a long time due to numerous aches and pains. It seems like I've been doing circuit training for quite a while, so it surprised me to do heavier weights than I had been doing. It sure felt good! Even better, nothing hurt. I'm feeling a little sore in the shins from yesterday, which most likely means the new innersoles I'm trying (per the suggestion from the guy at the little running shoe store that could) aren't the right ones, and I need to go back to what I was using before.

Nutrition is clean. I need to go grocery shopping for more "clean" foods.



Evelyne said...

Whoo-hoo!!! Go, Irene, go!!! Sounds like you're doing good. Keep it up, but if you feel any signs of pain, please take it easy. We want you pain-less!

Evelyne said...

Or should I say PAIN-FREE!

FV Tom said...

Good job!


And I'll get back to you with the Ben Franklin song!

Chérie said...

I wish you pain-free everything!

Is that a song title? It sounds familiar. Now it's going to bug me.

I LOST MY IPOD. It's driving me crazy, trying to figure out where I saw it last.

Irene said...

I want me painless and pain free, too! ;)

Again, Winner!!!

I hope you find your Ipod. I can't go to my gym without it because they usually play the worst music - usually teeny-bopper bubblegum music, which does not fit the demographic of the gym I go to -- I just don't get it. Anyway, I would always lose my mp3 player because it was so small. Then it broke and I upgraded to an Ipod. I would be sad if I lost my Ipod.

shpprgrl said...

I need to shop for more clean foods. Way to go!

Irene said...

Lots of chicken, brown rice, fresh veggies... My family always says "Chicken, again??? Can't we have something else???"