Monday, August 07, 2006

Bring Me To Life

Monday check in...

One more scheduled week of not running to go... It's driving me nuts but now I'm waking up in the morning and the ankle isn't even stiff, so that's a good sign!!! I have a new pair of running shoes that I bought a few months ago, different innersoles, and a bunch of Powergels that I have yet to use... I am so good to go.

Today I gave Yourself! Fitness a whirl. My virtual trainer, Maya, gave me a workout based on information I entered and based on an assessment workout. Today I selected a 30 minute workout for my core. Most of the exercises at the start were somewhat easy for me, so after a segment you can select that it was too easy, just about right, or too difficult. Most everything in the middle was a teensy bit challenging, but I felt like I needed more. The only segment that was where it should be was the yoga segment. I need to work on balance. Based on the info I entered today, the next time I do the Y!F workout it should be a little more difficult. I do feel rejuvinated, though, because it started out with a little aerobics at the beginning. Color me happy!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I've been tracking my food on and a couple of days I came up short! I'm shooting for about 1500 calories when I don't run, and 1800+ for running. I also came up short on protein, so now I need to work in more protein without dairy.

Other stuff:
I want to post some pictures of a photo shoot I did for a friend dressed as Jack Sparrow, but I'm working on getting a digital watermark before I post them, especially my favorite shots.

6 years ago, when I began BFL, I belonged to an on line BFL group for women over 40. The site has dwindled down to just 5 of us, but we keep it going since we've grown somewhat close. With all of my running talk and marathon stuff, one of the other ladies became interested and ran in her first half marathon last week. I'm so proud of her! She even got her husband to run it, too! Now she has the running bug and wants us to run in an event together, so I'm pondering the Phoenix Rock N Roll half marathon in January 2007... We've never met since we live in different states, but that would be awesome if we could meet and do a run event.

I was sifting through some past photos, trying to find my original BFL before shots (UGH), and came across some picutures that I almost forgot about... This picture is about three years old. That baby is my grandson as a new person... I guess the dog felt like she had to protect the little guy. LOL. What gets me is the expression on my dog's face. Sort of like "What? I'm on the job!" LOL... After that incident, we put the dog outside during nap time...

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Cathy said...

Evanescence for the song of the day. One of the few CD's I actually own.
Looking forward to your feedback on YIF. I've been watching Maggie's commentary on it as well.

Irene said...

Yay Cathy! Winner, Winner, Winner! LOL... Yourself! Fitness is pretty good, so far. It's kind of funny because Maya will occasionally adjust her shirt or shoe... The rotten thing about it is that (as far as I can tell) it's no longer in production on PS2. So far, I think it will be worth the effort. I'll keep you posted.

Miss Rachel said...

That is ADORABLE! What a good dog.

(What is a digital watermark? Is it something you can use to copywright your photos?)

Irene said...

Miss Rachel,
Nice new avatar picture!!! Now that the "baby" is older, the dog treats him like he's another dog... LOL...

A digital watermark would either go lightly across the photo or in the corner. It somewhat "protects" my work from being coppied, but isn't necessarily copyrighted.