Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cliffs of Dover

Well, not quite, but it might as well be...

I did some real cardio for the first time in a month. I did 30 minutes of the recumbent bike at the gym, somewhat of an HIIT, but not really too high of an intensity, since this was the first day back doing anyting that would requre ankle movement. I did the actual HIIT in the first 20 minutes, though, and just did a cool down pedal for the remaining 10. SO FAR, the ankle/foot feels okay. My PT friend suggested that I ice it as a precaution.

I was supposed to get together with my PT friend today for pictures and measurments, but it didn't work out today, so we're going to try again, perhaps on Friday.

Food is clean. I boiled some chicken breasts that I had in the freezer, shredded that, and have it ready to go for salads this week, plus the salad stuff is already prepped. I'm happy to say that there's no junk food in the house as of right now. I didn't need to do any purging because it's just gone. Maybe my kids ate it all? Maybe the nutrition fairy paid a visit and took everything bad away? The trick is to get everyone to NOT buy anymore junk.



Dori said...

Glad you're able to work out again. I bet it felt good. Hope your ankle is healed.

Cathy said...

Glad the foot/ankle is feeling better. That smart coach program is nifty. Thank you for posting it.

FV Tom said...

No clue on the song.

Good to hear about your ankle.

Nutrition fairy? That's a good one!

I posted today.

Chérie said...

I want a nutrition fairy! Glad to hear the ankle survived the cardio. My knees were hurting yesterday, even on the elliptical. I hate that.

Hope your daughter recovers well!

Donna said...

Yes, NOT having junk food in the house definitely helps. I've been searching and searching in my house to find some, but just can't find anything that tempts me.

FV Tom said...

Eric Johnson!

just saw your iPod list at myblends!

Irene said...

My ankle/foot is feeling better - still twingey, but much better. Thanks. :)

I've never tried their running programs before, but I thought it was cool that it could be somewhat customized.

I wish there really was a nutrition fairy.... Now that you know who did Cliffs of Dover, (Eric Johnson - who plays electric guitar like nobody's business) you're gonna have to really know which song it is! It's one of my favorite cardio songs, it's played right before "Hot For Teacher" on my Ipod... ;) Oh, WINNER WINNER WINNER! Ding-ding-ding!

LOL... We all need a nutrition fairy. Too bad she can't take the food and leave some cash behind... My daughter is doing well, thanks for asking!

That's a good thing! The worst is having PMS and there's nothing in the house to satisfy that craving! Well, not having junk food in your house is paying off. Your pictures are phenominal!

shpprgrl said...

We had grilled chicken breasts tonight, but nothing else was that healthy. Why is easy always unhealthy?

Irene said...

I think it's a matter of convenience and time - It's much easier to pop some pre-packaged processed food into the microwave oven. It does take some thought into eating healther, and it can be done. A good place to start (recipe wise) is the Eating For Life book.