Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hungry Like a Wolf
Day 10 - Half Marathon Training Schedule - Rest or Crosstrain.

Crosstrain. Lower body workout done! Whew! I kicked my own @$$... I went just a little heavier on both the Bowflex resistance rods and dumbbells. (Leg extensions, leg curls and dumbbell squats.) I could have gone just a little heavier but I'm still being cautious. Being injured really throws a kink into everything, and I don't want to go back there. I also threw in two sets of 100 abs. My stomach is still off so 2 sets of abs was all I could muster.

I've been pretty diligent about tracking my food on Fitday. Since I've put the Syntrax Nectar into the mix, my ratios are much better, not so carb heavy. I also found myself not getting in enough calories some days, so I'm scrounging for something to eat (in the evening) to make up for the deficit. HOWEVER, the past couple of days I've been craving carbs in the evenings. I'm not sure what's up with that, but it could be the stomach icks I've had since Sunday. Don't know for sure.

Other stuff:
The windows are installed and look great. Next is the touch-up paint, ceramic tile for the kitchen and sunroom, then a new roof... It will just keep building from there... I hope it gets to a point where it's just little stuff to take care of instead of this (temporary) money pit.

Last night I went with a friend to Fry's, which sells electronics, appliances, computers, etc. He wanted to borrow my Ford Explorer so he could transport his purchase. I went along for the ride to look at refrigerators. He found a 42" plasma screen TV there last week for what seemed like a good price. This week he noticed it was on sale, about $150 less than what he paid, so he went to get a refund on the difference and to buy another TV, the same model 42" plasma screen... He has the one he bought last night hiding at my house just until he can figure out how to tell his wife that he bought 2 TV's... His rationale is that one is for upstairs and the other is for downstairs. He's moving into a new house next month. Michael (my hubbie) thinks this is pretty funny... But if the truth were to be known, Michael would probably do the same thing...



chantal2bfit said...

I definitely need to get Syntrax Nectar!

Two 42" plasma TV?!? I'm still dreaming of getting one! Isn't it funny how guys get when it comes to their "toys"?

zooman said...

Duran squared,lol. You sound like you had a workout like I did today. It almost left me comatose. And I had to muster up enough energy to come to work tonight. When you are done remodeling, how bout coming over to my house for a paint party.

KatieFeldmom said...

Great job on the workout!

Two TVs? 42" each? Holy Cow!
That's heaven, in my opinion!

sister smile said...

Awesome workouts!

Two huge-ass TV's, huh? If my ex husband had STOPPED at two TV's, I would have been satisfied!

havlow said...

Thats a big buck o' nectar!!

shpprgrl said...

I was totally in love with Duran Duran way back when. So I knew this one, just too late!

Your friend shops like me. But I never done anything like that with a tv. :)

Irene said...

I'm really liking the Syntrax. So far, I'm not allergic to it! Yay! The thing about the 2 Plasma screen TV's is that the guy still needs to buy a refrigerator for his house... Sheesh!

You win! DOMS today... I don't know if the remodeling will EVER be finished, really. I'm married to an architect and he has grandiose ideas... I suppose I could sneak away to your part of the world for a paint party. LOL...

I don't know about heaven... He still needs to explain it to his wife and MIL, who is oh-so-critical.

Sister Smile,
It feels good to kick it in gear again! I'm sure my friend's two huge ass TV's are just the proverbial icings on the cakes. He has plans for other toys...

But it's one great big buck o'nectar!!! Thanks for visiting!
I loved your Blends post on your blog! WTG!

"Hungry Like A Wolf" reminds me of a Margaret Cho skit where she talks about being in the nursing home and remembering the good ol' days "Play Hungry Like A Wolf again!" I guess ya had to be there. I can't translate funny very well... For a guy, my friend likes to shop. I actually enjoy shopping with him because he's sort of acts like a personal shopper. He actually is good at picking out clothes for his wife.