Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Monday

Day 14 - Half Marathon Training Schedule - Easy 2.4 mile run
26:06 = 10:53 minute mile.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Still purposely not punching the run to be fast. The run felt really easy today, even going up hill. The weather wasn't so humid today, so I think that made the ride a little more pleasant.

Day 13, Sunday - yesterday, was a rest day. I still had the stomach icks. Michael wasn't too thrilled about that, since he wanted to go out and so some social stuff, but I stayed home and had an exiting day with a several loads of laundry and several episodes of HGTV Design Star. I'm baffled about the stomach thing. Everything I eat gets me bloated, not just starchy carbs, grains or dairy... I don't want to go to the doctor so I'm just hoping to ride this out.

Naomi, an American who has lived for the past several months in Dakar, is looking for your old running/athletic shoes, mostly boys/mens, but will take any. She noticed that many who run there use jelly shoes to run in because that's all they have available to them for atheltics. Click on THIS LINK, which will take you to her blog for some of the finer details.

Normally, we use our running shoes for about 300-400 miles and then they're retired, even though they still look okay. A used pair of Asics or Nikes has to be better than running in jelly shoes! I think this is a great idea, and I just wanted to pass along the info.

Make the best of your Monday, folks!

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FV Tom said...

Mamas and the Papas

Hi there!

Pamela said...

yep Tom got it! Keep up the Trainin!

Irene said...

Tom - WINNER ONCE AGAIN! How does he do it???

Pamela - Thanks! ;)