Tuesday, August 08, 2006

One Headlight

I didn't get to bed until 1:30 am this morning, so I'm a little draggy. I had my car towed to the dealership for repairs, finally... SmileyCentral.com I was planning on taking our beat up '89 Honda Accord to get to my chiropractor's appointment but there were no keys... When I called to reschedule my appontment, the receptionist was somewhat snippy with me for changning the appointment so close to the appointment time... Sheesh! It's not like I had a choice there... Then I got to be on hold for well over an hour, and being sent to different department just to move an outside phone line from the backyard pole to the front yard pole... The line in the back yard is something that bugs Michael... It's purely for asthetics... I also set up a new phone number for the "new" old house...

I'll be getting in my workout soon. I'm going to do Yourself! Fitness again today, but make the wokrout 45 minutes instead, and see what that's like.

Nutrition, so far, is good.



FV Tom said...

All right, already! I give up! I don't know the song.

You win!!

shpprgrl said...

Yeah, I don't know it either. It's weird how all the crazy stuff can end up in one day. Not that it's best to drag it out or anything!

Pamela said...

Sounds like quite the day!
LOVE the doggie pic!

Irene said...

Tom & Shpprgrl,

"Come on try a little
Nothing lasts forever.
There's got to be something better
than in the middle.
Me and Cinderella
put it all together.
We can drive it home
With one head light."

I saw this guy in concert. HINT: He's the son of a fameous male "folk" singer from the 60's...

My car turned out to be under warranty!!!! Yay!!! I still had to pay for towing, but it sure beat a huge car repair bill. It turned out to be software gone bad.

It all worked out! The picture is funny. I get a smile out of it every time I see it.