Friday, August 11, 2006

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

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Wednesday I couldn't check in here at Blogger, but I did get in a workout. I changed things a bit. There's a "small" mountain trail in my neighborhood, so I put on my hiking boots and spent about an hour hiking. It was like doing the stairmaster... I'm feeling my quads... Not too sore but feeling it. It was warm so I was worn out pretty quickly. A friend of mine sort of owed me a favor and took me to a late lunch downtown at a trendy Chinese-Japanese fusion restaurant. I had never been there before and found it to be quite interesting. The decor was modern,red somewhat feng shui - industrial Our food and drink arrived quickly. Everything was excellent. Even my drink was great. The vodka had been infused with red chili peppers... Later, I went to the book store to look for decorating ideas... I went to bed late waiting for my son to return from Los Angeles. He drove up to attend a concert with friends. He came home at about 2 AM. He would have been home earlier but a tire blew on Hollywood Boulevard and had to change it...

Thursday morning I caught up on some RNR and slept in. I, later, trekked out to the "new" old house to clean up some of the chunks from the electricians and sweep. The chunks were plaster and wood... big chunks, so THAT was a workout... I found out that the windows will arrive in 2 weeks. Finally, things are falling into place. Since I did my free meal Wednesday, and date night has been switched to Thursday, I'm kept my food clean. No alcohol. No dessert. I had a slice of grainy dark bread, spinach salad, prime rib, steamed veggies/hold the butter and a lot of water. I couldn't post anything on Thursday because Blogger was down.

TGIF, I think... It's still early. So much to do.



shpprgrl said...

Great photo!

Interesting mix-in for that vodka!

Irene said...

It was really good. The heat didn't hit right away, it was more of a spicy aftertasted. I like spicy foods, and now a spicy drink!