Thursday, August 31, 2006


Day 17 - Half Marathon Training Schedule Rest or Crosstrain


I really had a awesome workout yesterday and feeling DOMS today! I love that! I was feeling a little off earlier in the day, can't quite put my finger on it, but I just felt sort of blah and blue. SOOOOO, I called one of my friends who works near by and we met each other for lunch. We used to work together at an optometrist office years ago. She was one of those people who I really liked working with because she did her job and was fun to work with all at the same time. ( Most of the time it's one or the other... ) We met at El Torritios and I had the Chicken Ceasar Salad, dressing on the side and two gigantic glasses of water. They always put way too much dressing on their salads, so I always get it on the side... That was pretty clean eats. My friend is such a goof ball, so I had a nice lunch out.



shpprgrl said...

I can't stand tons of dressing either. I usually order mine on the side too. Too much can ruin a good salad!

It's nice to have time with friends!

And I don't remember this song. I'm remembering one, but I think it was boyfriend....

Evelyne said...

Lunch with a good girlfriend is so healing isn't it?

Dori said...

I called a friend today and we went to the State Fair on the spur of the moment. She knows how to play, so we had a good time. I did NOT eat salad dressing on the side, or even salad! Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a slice of whole wheat bread. Then we bought a bucket of Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies--served warm. I washed them down with all the milk you can drink (chocolate!). I wanted the deep fried cheese curds, but just didn't have the room. I don't usually eat like that, but I just felt like indulging. An end-of-summer fling.

What's the half-M you're racing?

Dori said...

Oh, I just found it - The San Jose R&R. I knew that. All that bad food addled my brain. :-)

barbie2be said...

i wish i were in shape enough to do the 1/2 here in san jose... but no. i'll stick to 5K's.

i think it's great that you are doing this, irene!

Pamela said...

the "goofball" lunch sounds like Fun~! NIce for you :D
keep up the good work with the training YAY you!

& PS... about the comments on my blog..did you want the chocolate tee hee ;)

Irene said...

I saw a blurb on TV a REALLY long time ago about salad dressings being the high calorie culprit, and to just dip the fork in the dressing before spearing into the salad. That just stuck. I need to get together with friends more often. It was great. :)

Yep! There's nothing like it! It was just what I needed.

There's some unwritten rule that you're not supposed to eat healthy at the fair... I love those doughy, goooey cinnamon rolls.... I may be crawling to finish the SJ RNR half M, but I'll be there!

My brother lives near San Jose. He came out here last year for the SDRNRM, so it's my turn to go up there and run in something with him. SJ is flat, so I'm hoping it won't be too tough. I did a marathon already, so a half should be a breeze... Ha! (That's what I keep telling myself.) My goal is to finish! Come out and join in the festivities!

My goofball friend is a trip. She gets loopy on regular old ice tea. We've kept in touch even though we haven't worked together for a few years now. BTW, any time is a good time for Chocolate... I was having a "moment." LOL...

sister smile said...

Sounds like a wonderful rest day! I had salad today, too.

Trader Joe's makes some incredible Parmesan Ranch low-fat dressing. It's relatively low in sugar (as low-fat dressings go), and it's only 15 calories per tablespoon. It doesn't travel, though; no preservatives, so it has to be refrigerated at all times.

barbie2be said...

Irene, If I don't go to Visalia that weekend to visit my bro, I will definitely come out to the SJRNR1/2M

Chérie said...

For some reason, the title put Morrissey's "Boyfriend in a Coma" in my head and now I can't focus on a "Girlfriend" song. But I think there's one by Matthew Sweet. He wrote it about Winona Ryder or so the story goes, right??

Anyway, I'm getting to the point where if I forget to order the dressing on the side, I'm so mad!

Irene said...

That would be cool!

Alicia Keyes... I've been doing the salad thing for a while now, so it's stuck. ;)