Thursday, January 01, 2009

Brand New Day

I had intended to blog before the year was up, but we were going out, having people over, and dealing with other everyday life happenings. I had very little computer time. I think I did manage to stop over at a few blogs to put in my two cents, but I wasn't much in the mood for writing about anything from my end. Not even filler. I was pondering doing a synopsis of 2008, complete with bullet points. I also though about writing out my goals for 2009. I have no energy to do either. I'm still a wee bit tired from ringing in the new year with our close friends. (The food and champagne were awesome, by the way.) The sentiment I've been hearing amongst friends and family is that 2009 needs to be a much better year, and so far, it's off to a pretty good start. I might work on my 2008-2009 lists with in my next post or so.

As usual, my husband and I went on our New Year's Day walk in the neighborhood this morning. Notice the look of utter joy and liveliness on my face. I'm still half asleep... Yes, I did get my hair chopped off. I'm guessing about 4 inches of length is gone. Kelly, my hair stylist, came up with "how about we do something different?" I was all for something different, and she was kind of surprised that I was so agreeable. I trust Kelly. If she thought shaving my head would be the best option I probably would have gone with it. (No, not really, but there's a huge level of trust -- I started going to her after someone else wrecked my hair color.) I do prefer my hair longer, but all of the medications I was on caused my hair to become weak and break off. It's growing back, but my longer hair looked quite stringy between the new growth and the the length I already had. I'm not used to my thin hair, and I'm also not used to this new hair style. It looks better than how it was, though. Kelly and her magic beauty tools helped my hair to appear a little fuller.

Yet another view of Mission Bay:

Before I forget, here's a couple of pictures of the bathroom. Keep in mind that it used to have a cheesy white particle board vanity with a faux green marble sink, light pink and mint green aluminum tiles that should have been replaced YEARS ago. Yes, you've read that right, aluminum tiles. They were gross and falling off. I'm so happy with how it looks now.

I have plans to put in a nicer shower curtain rod that goes behind the arch instead of below it. My family needed to used that shower, so we just put up a standard curtain and rod until I can take the time to actually make the curtain the right way. We still need a towel bar for the sink and a curtain for that window on the left, but the major remodel is done. The glass block window and round mirror were already there.

Monday's song:
Joy To The World - Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Vanessa Williams, Julie Andrews, Josh Groban, Faith Hill, etc. - Run-DMZ



leslie said...

Awesome song by Sting! Happy new year, Irene!

AKA Alice said...

Bathroom looks awesome! Glad you had a fun new year...I'm sorta recovering today too...

Happy New Year!

smartypantz32 said...

Happy New Year!!!!
The bathroom looks amazing.

KatieFeldmom said...

Happy New Year!!! I love the window in the bathroom.....very cool.

Backofpack said...

Wow, the bathroom is gorgeous! I have very thin hair, also very fine. It is a challenge. I think your hairdresser did a great job and it looks perfect on you. Happy New Year!

Anne said...

Love the new look -- of your hair, your blog header and your bathroom.

Happy New Year, Irene!

barbie2be said...

woooo! gorgeous!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Happy 2009!!

That bathroom looks awesome..

Irene said...


AKA Alice,
Too bad it's the kid's bathroom...

Thanks! It looks soooooo much better!

I love it!

Thanks! :)

Michelle (BOP),
My hair had always been really thick, so it's weird getting used to it. It's a little wind blown in the photo, but I did like how my hair dresser cut it. :)

Thanks. I took the picture of that succulent on the same new year's day walk. :)

I'm so glad it's finished!