Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Snow (Hey Oh)

My husband and Son decided to finally to do a day trip to Big Bear for skiing and snowboarding. My son received a snowboard and the accessories for Christmas, and my husband just needed an excuse to get away for the day. I did my part by waking up just before 5 am to make the coffee and get the guys up, just so they could be ready and on their way around 6 am. The one and only thing they had to do for me was to remove a toilet from the front porch. Remember, several posts ago, we had the bathroom retiled. We also replaced the toilet, but the tile guys placed the old toilet on the front porch AND NEVER MOVED IT FROM THAT SPOT. That stupid toilet was my holiday decor for my front porch. I think I had asked them EVERY DAY since it was placed on the front porch to please remove it. Right before leaving for Big Bear, my son and husband lugged the heavy toilet down to the far end of the back yard, which is somewhat downhill. When they were almost all the way down, my husband lost his footing, fell backwards, and the toilet fell on him. My husband is OK, but did get a couple of bruises on the backs of his legs, and a pretty good scrape on his shin, requiring a few bandages and making his socks a little blood stained. I didn't know any of this happened until after they came home later on that day. He said he briefly thought about not going skiing that day, but he was just scraped up and felt good enough to to. Our son did all the driving, so that wasn't an issue. Oh, and, by the way, the toilet didn't suffer ANY damage. Not a chip, scrape or crack. The reason why we're getting rid of it is because it's hard to find parts for that particular model/brand. It's not a typical fixture. My husband went back to work the next day and shared what he did over his winter vacation... Now the entire office is teasing him about fighting a toilet and losing. As for the ski/snowboaring, my two guys had a great time.

Yesterday's song:
Wash - Pearl Jam


Melanie said...

RHCP! I knew this one! :) Glad your hubby is ok! oh, and the toilet too!

AKA Alice said...

OK...I probably shouldn't have laughed, but I did...the idea that the toilet sat on your front porch through the holiday season is just priceless...did you put a poinsettia in it? hahahah

I'm glad hubby is OK...but I'll admit that laughed at the part where he fell with the toilet too...It sounds sorta like a Laurel and Hardy movie.

Anne said...

Never underestimate the power of the commode. Thanks for the "potty humor," even if it was at Michael's expense.

barbie2be said...

now see, that sounds exactly like something that would have happened to me. glad he is ok, though. it looks like they had a great time.

Irene said...

Winner! It sounded comical when he told me, then he showed me the srape and bruises... It's still funny...

AKA Alice,
Um, I did think of putting a pointsetta in it, but I was HOPING someone would move it... *sigh* I'm glad my husband is OK, thus, making the incident worth repeating.

LOL. Too bad the toilet won!

I can't make up stuff like that! LOL. I think the great ski trip made up for that unfortunate start to the day!