Saturday, January 24, 2009


Because I don't feel special enough already, last night I banged my left small toe into the corner of a door threshold. One of my cats was coughing up a fur ball while on my bed (ugh) and I was trying to get her off my bed and at least to a floor area with a wipe-able surface. In my haste, I caught my foot on the corner of the door threshold. I said a whole bunch of special words upon impact. Last night I thought I might have broken it, but this morning it wasn't so bad, but still sore. It looks weird.

I'm sorry if feet/toes gross you out. Yes, I know, I need a pedicure, which is why I didn't show the entire foot.

Because of this little pain in the pinky toe, I didn't run with the track club today, so I stayed behind to take pictures of the runners and the surrounding area.

Here's my husband:

I also came upon people who were feeding the feral cats. This morning the cats were feasting on Tilapia and Salmon. The people feeding the cats are trying get them adopted out, but many of these cats are not adoptable. The cats are all "identified" by the people feeding them, and they all have names. I must say it was a strange sight to see the cats hanging out at the bay. At first glance, in the distance, I thought they were seagulls.

Best wishes to all of my friends who are running at Carlsbad tomorrow morning!

Yesterday's song:

I'm On My Way - The Proclaimers - Barbie2be



Melanie said...

yikes, sorry about the toe! Take care!

Pat said...

owww. that's painful. get better. hubby's looking strong.

Southbay Girl said...

ok...having broken both of my pinkie toes twice-hmmm your toe looks a bit broken!! Mind you it's not pointing to 9pm-so that's good!!! My pinky toe did that once! Boy did it look great!!

I hope it's not broken-but nothing you can do if it is!!!!

Sorry you missed your run! That sucks!! take care of yourself...of course I thought it was kinda funny that it was a hairball that did you in!!

MJ said...

Isn't it amazing how much an injury to such a tiny part of the body can have such a HUGE effect? Anyway, I do hope it feels better soon. I would love to have such beautiful places to run through!

AKA Alice said...

OUCH! That looks sore. I can't believe how much it hurts to clunk your little toe like that.

I'm a little sad that I missed yesterday's run. I love running on the cliffs. It's one of my favorites. I'll have a C-bad race report finished pretty soon. It was a fun morning.

barbie2be said...

oh, ouchy!!! take it easy on that toe.

love the kitties! i was shocked by how many feral cats there were all over rome. and they have laws there about how to treat them!

Irene said...

Luckily, it looks worse than it is!

I've broken toes before. This one is just bruised and a little sore.

Yeah, it sort of messed up my evening! It's OK and nothing really serious. The track club has some really lovely routes. One of my favorites goes along La Jolla Shores, right on the beach.

AKA Alice,
It sounds like you're knowing something about pain, yourself! My toe really hurt upon impact, but now it's just a little sore. I'm so glad you ran Carslbad and finished. :)

Incredibly ouchy when it happend! I was amazed how healthy the cats looked. These people really look out for them and even give them medications if needed.