Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Step It Up And Go

Activity: Run
Date: 01/13/09 06:22 PM
Distance: 2.07 miles
Time: 0:19:28
Speed: 6.4 mph
Pace: 9' 24 min/mile
Calories: 193

I was waffling between attending tonight's track club workout and not. My back has been bothering me since Thursday. I decided to go and take it relatively easy. Tonight's track workout was fitness circuits - 8 X 400m with calisthenics. I skipped the sit ups and did my wimpy version of push-ups, pushing off against the fence around the track, and did jumping jacks. Apparently, I ran a little faster than I thought I did, based on my above stats from my BiM GPS thingy on my cell phone, but it was only a couple of miles. Yay me. I also ran into AKA Alice. (You know, not really ran into, but we saw each other there.) She looked great.

Here's some pictures from my dad's 80th birthday celebration:

Happy Birthday Dad!

Erik keeping us entertained.

Niece Theresa, sister-in-law Ellen, Niece Anne.

Ellen chatting with me after my walk on Saturday mornning.

Erik, Renee, Evan and Donna.

Me, my brother Karl, my sister Donna -Mission Bay in the background.

Here's a few things I've learned over this past weekend:
  • Anne and Theresa visited Europe last summer.
  • Pot is legal in Amsterdam.
  • Erik knows how to play a ton of cool songs on the guitar.
  • None of us knew all of the lyrics to one single song.
  • "Boats 'n' hoes." (10 points if you know what that's from!)
  • I'm still allergic to dairy. (I keep trying not to be.)
  • It takes my dad twice as long to do anything.
  • We need to leave the plan making to the ladies in the family. (My sister-in-law confirmed this.)
  • It's kind of creepy how we all we all look alike when we get together.
  • Ducks just know when you have food available, even if you don't go out of your way to tell them the chow is on. (This family of ducks, pictured below, made the rounds every morning, to each suite.)

Yesterday's song:

Sister - Dave Matthews - Katiefeldmom



Anne said...

I think this song is on a Bob Dylan album I had back in the early 80s. Love all the family photos and the observations you made from the reunion. Hope your dad appreciated being surrounded by so many members of his family.

Shosh said...

I love your family pics. What a good time is looks as though your all having. Happy 80th bday to your dad. G-d bless him.

LOL as we get older we all slow down a bit. :-)

I am sooooo jealous that you get to be outside all year 'round.

barbie2be said...

happy birthday irene's dad!

did you all watch the step brothers movie? (boats n' hoes).

i think it's creepy how all my siblings look alike and i look like the red headed step child in comparison.

AKA Alice said...

Was that the milage on the 100s? I have no idea how many I did. I always lose count on those things. I think I did 12, but it may have been only 10. I forgot to start my Garmin.

I never did 25 pushups (wimpy or otherwise). I do about 15, then figure that's good enough...

You looked great last night too. It was a good workout.

Oh...and LOVE the family pix. You do all look alike :-)

Irene said...

Winner! Someone should do a remake of that song. :) It was a practically perfect weekend!

Thanks. He was really happy and a little emotional. I feel extremely lucky to live here. I don't miss not growing up in snow.

Thanks! You get the 10 bonus points! LOL. No, we didn't watch the movie, but they talked about how my nephews are just like the step brothers, except not THAT old.

AKA Alice,
The mileage on was about 2 miles for the 100's. I lost count and just sort of stopped, but I think I did at least 8. I had to ask people a few times how many they did.

Evelyne said...

Love the pics. Happy Belated 80th Birthday to your Dad! How wonderful you were all able to get together.

Pat said...

Nice time on your run. Glad you had a fun family reunion.

Irene said...

It gets a little better each time. It was nice to see (almost) everyone again. I think my dad really enjoyed it.