Saturday, January 03, 2009


Activity: Run
Date: 01/03/09 08:42 AM

Distance: 1.92 miles

Time: 0:19:22
Speed: 5.9 mph

Pace: 10' 06 min/mile

Calories: 185

I went ahead and signed up for the San Diego Track Club again for this year. Last year my husband was a bit reluctant, but this year he looked forward to waking up to attend this morning's first meeting at 7 am in the drizzle and mist. I noticed there weren't as many people in attendance this year, but I also noticed that many people grabbed their info packet, t-shirt, and shoe ID and left. We stayed and listened to the the opening comments, met the coaches, did a warm up run, stretched, and ran some more. I found a comfortable spot in the middle of the C group, and I'm quite thrilled to be there. As far this morning's run went, I was pretty happy with getting an almost 10 minute mile average without pushing it too hard. Last year I had a little anxiety about being right between the B and C groups (I averaged between a 8:30 to 9:00 minute mile) and eventually I found my comfort zone with track workouts with the C group and long runs with the B group. (FYI, C group is a 9:30 minute mile and slower, B group is 7:30 to a 9 minute mile, A group is a 7 minute mile and faster.) This year it isn't about a time goal. It's about being there and taking care of unfinished business. This will most likely be the last time I train for and run in a marathon. The picture is supposed to be of our beloved head coach Paul talking about the track club , but it was starting to drizzle and I hurried to get a picture with my cell phone, making it look like you need your glasses on to see it. As I had already stated, a lot of people did not stick around because of the weather, but I did see plenty of familiar faces and a lot of hugs were exchanged. My husband was equally happy to see familiar faces, too. Oh, and our C group is called "Air Supply." Ick. All's I can think of is the song "All Out Of Love" on the easy listening station we had to have on the radio at another doctor's office I worked at. The song is just OK, but it's played in the same set of about 12 easy listening songs over and over again. So much for a hard pumping, motivational running song.

Yesterday's song:
Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson



AKA Alice said...

Yeah...I was among those who 1) got there late, 2) grabbed my packet 3) listened to Paul for a couple of minutes, then thought I'd just go for a run. I needed to run for longer than the 30 minute C group plan this morning anyway.

Sorry I missed you. I may have to miss next Saturday's run too GAH!

Michelle said...

It makes me so happy to read about you running again. Your last marathon, eh? Maybe a little sprint triathlon could be squeezed in there somewhere too :) Happy new year!!

Miss Rachel said...

Air Supply - ha! I really liked them in junior high when that song was popular. Now, not so much. But whether you like them or not, they're certainly not good running music.

Happy new year to you, Irene!

(The blog post title, Misty - Johnny Mathis?)

Southbay Girl said...

Good for you sticking it out in the yuck weather! And great that you are doing it! I think it's awesome!!

Irene said...

AKA Alice,
We'll see each other at some point!

Perhaps in the future. I need to take care of this one thing first. :)

Miss Rachel,
Winner with Johnny Mathis! Air Supply doesn't evoke the thoughts of running for me... Perhaps sleeping.

Thanks. I'm going slow, but it feels really good to NOT put a time limit on the marathon finish time.