Friday, January 09, 2009

Random Thoughts

One of the things I decided not to do this year is Blog365, which was Blogging every day for a year. I participated last year because there were several blogger friends who were participating and encouraged me to do the same. Even with the injury and being out, I tried to keep it up, but I ran out of steam. I even became bored with my own blog posts...

Go Chargers!

I did something to my back yesterday. I did run yesterday, about 3.8 miles, but that wasn't what threw my back out. Bending the wrong way and asthma may have caused my back some discomfort. I see my chiropractor next Wednesday. Yay.

I am *justthisclose* to home schooling my grandson for the rest of his kindergarten year. I don't want to get into details, but he's missing out on so much. He's a smart kid and is not given the opportunity to excel. 'Nuf said.

My siblings and a couple of nieces will be in town over the weekend for my dad's 80th birthday. I'm half way looking forward to the weekend, only because everyone has their own ideas on how the weekend should go. (It will be fine... It will be fine... It will be fine...)

I'll be hosting dinner for my entire family tonight. I decided to do a wine tasting party/dinner. (I found some great organic wines so that I could participate.) I figured if I hosted the first night, no one could complain about "what are we doing, where are we going, how will we get there, and did anyone think to ask dad if he would like that?" *sigh*

I'll be missing the first long run with the track club on Saturday. We'll probably do our own run, later.

See you all next week!

Wednesday's song:

I know - Drake Bell



AKA Alice said...

Happy birthday to dad...a wine tasting party sounds good to me!

I'm still trying to figure out how to swing the long run tomorrow with the club, and do my workshop which starts at 8:30...I think I have time to run, then clean up a little to go to the workshop...hahahah

Have a great weekend!

Pat said...

congrats on the run and good luck getting the long run in.

Go Chargers!

Anne said...

Love the wine tasting party idea. Everyone should be happy and mellow by the end of it. Hope the back is better.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Good job on the run and I hope your back feels better soon. Also I just noticed your 50th countdown-love it.

Irene said...

AKA Alice,
It went well. We have leftover wine. :)

It feels good to be back at it and with the group again.

Mellow, and we all slept in!

My back is still off but I'm so glad I have a chiropractic visit on Wednesday! I'm looking forward to 50!