Monday, January 12, 2009


This is my sister, Donna, just about an hour off the plane, enjoying not being in snow and 2 degree weather this past weekend. She wanted a picture of herself enjoying the sunshine.

The weekend went quite well. I'll update later.

Friday's song:
Random Thoughts - Eddie Palmieri



Melanie said...

enjoy the time with your sis!

Southbay Girl said...

I'm glad she's happy to see the sun and heat!!! Enjoy your time with your family!

KatieFeldmom said...

Dave Matthews ... my *sister* loves them. So sorry bout them Chargers .... I really wanted them to win that game.

Pat said...

hope she enjoys her stay. boy, I need an ocean fix.

Carmi said...

I relate to moments like this. Especially as I look outside my own window and see a howling blizzard that's about to turn 30 hours old. Barely 10 days ago I was in a similar place - well, Florida.

Hope she has a great visit - and you!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Lucky sister!!

Irene said...

I did! We decided to see each other more often!

I was happy with the sun and heat, too! It made the weekend that much better!

I had a feeling about the Chargers when I found out they were playing the Steelers in the cold. Next year... Winner!

She did! Thanks for Cheering on the Chargers. Oh well.

It was a total fluke that we had such a nice weekend, since the holidays were so cold and damp!

She's already back home. She called to tell me it was snowing.

Terri said...

Thanks very much for stopping by my blog! I have to say when I saw these pictures, and not one person is in a heavy winter coat, it made me really jealous! But I totally konw how your sister feels - she looks very happy in these!

Irene said...

Thanks for visiting!