Monday, January 05, 2009


...And now we interrupt my regularly scheduled blog ...

The folks over at Pro Wash contacted me through my blog to test their laundry detergent. At first I was reluctant, because they contacted me through my blog, but I took a chance and said I would try their product. A few weeks later, UPS delivered a full sized container of Pro Wash at no cost to me, as long as I reviewed it on my blog. It arrived during the holidays and the same the week I was sick with a cold, so I didn't get the chance to get really sweaty and dirty from running. Now that I'm better, I'm back to running, and my husband and son recently went snowboarding and skiing, which gave me a full load of smelly clothes to try the Pro Wash on. My husband even contributed a small blood stain from a scrape he received prior to skiing, (but I'll save that story for my next blog post.) The detergent is different than regular liquid laundry detergent. It's not thick, but don't let that fool you. I used a very small amount to pre-treat the blood stain, and it fizzed up and dissolved the stain. I probably should have diluted that small amount with a little water, first. I was surprised to see the fizz reaction to the blood stain. I used the recommended amount for my front loader washing machine for the rest of the smelly load. Everything came out clean, with not much of a scent of the detergent, and all the B.O. was gone. It claims to help retain the wicking properties of athletic clothing. I don't know about that, YET. The true test will be on my running socks, but I need to use it on a new pair. I haven't done a cost comparison yet, to determine if this product is cost effective, but if you buy brand name athletic clothes, I suppose using this detergent would justify the cost. Prior to trying Pro Wash I was using Kirkland Environmentally Friendly laudry detergent (Costco) with Oxy Clean for my running clothes. I don't spend a ton of money on my running clothes, (Target and Costco or on the clearance racks at RRS) however, I do buy the double running socks, which are never cheap, and that's where I would probably notice if the Pro Wash would retain my socks wicking properties. We shall see.

Back to my regular blogging tomorrow.

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leslie said...

I'm happy to see your review, but guess what? I saw the product on your sidebar and bought it over the weekend just cuz you said it was good. If Irene says it works, it must work! Thanks for the recommendation.

MizFit said...

never used the prowash (though I need it :)) Im too cheap.
and yet now Im thinking I need to pony up the cash for good detergent to SAVE MY CLOTHES from the untimely death of stank :)

E-Speed said...

They contacted me too. Glad to hear it works well and that I will be able to give a good review :)

Irene said...

I was surprised how strong the stuff was! I mean, it got out blood!

Ah, me too on being cheap, which is why I use the Costco detergent and Oxy clean, which does get rid of odor. If something is really smelly, the Pro Wash would probably take care of it!

I thought it was odd that I was contacted through my blog, but I was glad it was legit and they did exactly what they said they would do, plus they gave me a micorfiber gym towel as well.