Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Steal Away

Activity: Walk
Date: 11/19/08 10:34 AM
Distance: 3.00 miles
Time: 0:58:59
Speed: 3.1 mph
Pace: 19' 21 min/mile
Calories: 284

I decided to walk today instead of run, however, I took on the hill with the 16% grade. It's sort of like taking on several flights of stairs. It's really good for working out the hamstrings and quads.

Nutrition is OK, so far. I still need more low fat protein, though.

I'm still mulling around the idea of a running coach. I corresponded with two running coaches right after my surgery, just to make sure someone would be willing to work with me. I can't see how I run, but I know I'm running lopsided. I need someone who can tell me how to correct what I'm doing as I run. Part of that is building back the muscle I've lost in the right leg, and the other part is relearning running mechanics with my new situation. We'll see.

Last night my husband came home from work rather late. He has a new project, which means extra long hours. He was tired and just sort of put everything down on the kitchen table then went into our room to change. When he went back into the kitchen, he couldn't find a brown paper sack with his deli sandwich in it. He was planning on eating the sandwich for dinner. He said he knew he was tired, but he remembered bringing in the sack. He went back out to his car just to make sure he didn't leave it there. No sack. No sandwich. Then he looked through our room, thinking he might have mindlessly brought it in there. Nope. Nothing. THIS MORNING, I got up and took a look out of the kitchen window, as I do every morning. I yelled out to my husband, who was still in our room, "I think I've found your sandwich, or what's left of it." Apparently, the dog stole the sack with the sandwich and took it outside to eat it. There was deli paper and the brown paper sack ripped up and all over our back yard lawn this morning. When did the dog become so sneaky? She's never stolen food before, unless it should fall on the floor. Maybe the sack fell on the floor and my husband didn't know it? Maybe the dog conveniently knocked the sack on the floor? I don't know. At least my husband know knows he wasn't going nuts. There really WAS a sandwich in a brown paper bag.

Yesterday's song:
Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued - Fall Out Boy



barbie2be said...

dang it. i can't remember who sings this song but i can hear it playing in my head. thanks for the ear-worm.

moo once stole a steak off my plate. that in itself is unusual because he doesn't eat people food. ever. even when i offer it to him.

Anonymous said...

LOL. That story is hilarious. My dog growing up stole a turkey carcas out of the trash while we were just across the street talking to neighbors. Animals are funny little creatures.

I think that a running coach is a great idea! Coaches really help to get you race ready and you're right you cannot see how you run. It's funny as adults how we find we need coaches again as we become athletes.

Michelle said...

Irene - it's so great to catch up with you and see you're getting back out there. I think a running coach is a great idea. Any more thoughts of doing a tri? A sprint might be fun.

Funny story about the dog. Our cat has become sneaky lately and he never was before. Maybe global warming is getting to them? Or the economy is stressing them out??

Deene said...

husband stories are amusing, i was going to post about mine too.

Irene said...

They play that song on most soft rock stations, like at my dentist's office... My dog usually doesn't steal stuff off the table, but toddlers with cookies are fair game!

I'm looking forward to running more normal again, then I can probably make more advances. I've been in touch with someone who is willing to coach me. I hope it works out.

It's great to see you!!!!!
I'm sort of in my comfort zone with the running, but I'll see about a tri later on. I need to get myself on a bike and in a pool.

My husband thought he was just so tired that he misplaced his sandwich! Sneaky dog!