Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fancy Meeting You Here

Last night I met running blogger Penny. She's in town with her son scoping out a couple of the colleges here. A while back she had posted a picture of herself wearing a chicken hat during Oktoberfest. I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to know about getting one. Well, much to my surprise, she brought me the hat! I intend to use the hat for work related parties, kind of like payback. Long story, but my boss has this thing for making us wear ridiculous hats on special occasions.

Activity: Run
Date: 11/08/08 08:50 AM
Distance: 3.01 miles
Time: 0:33:57
Speed: 5.3 mph
Pace: 11' 17 min/mile
Calories: 288

I met with Penny, AKA Alice and Betty for a 3 mile run at Seaport Village. AKA Alice and Betty live HERE, and I've never actually met them, although I'm sure we've seen each other plenty of times at track club runs. I don't know why we haven't really met until today. They know my husband because he ran at about their pace during marathon training. It was fun running with other people again. I actually did better.

Penny, AKA Alice, Betty

AKA Alice, Betty, Me

Penny brought her dog, Velcro, along for the run. What a sweet and well behaved dog! I wish I would have taken a picture of Velcro, but she's there in the picture above, at the bottom left corner.

Yesterday's song:
Tight Fit - Chaka Kahn



barbie2be said...

sounds like a great day!

AKA Alice said...

Wow. You are speedy with the blog posts...

I had a really nice morning too. We'll have to do that about...TOMORROW!?!?!

PS...I think that Betty must have just dropped the F-Bomb...I love the expression on the face of the guy sitting behind me...WTF?

Southbay Girl said...

It was awesome meeting all of you!! And you are SUPERWOMAN!!!! You had a wonderful run!!! You are my hero for I would have complained the entire way if I had been coming back from the injury you had!!!! I'm going to turn over a new leaf and try not to complain!!!!

I'm so glad we all got together for a run! How cool is it to meet blogging buddies!!! I love that!

I so want to come back down to San Diego and run with all of you again! I don't really have a group of women to run with up here-just velcro and I. And I really enjoyed it!!!! Maybe I'll come down for a long run!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I've been a little MIA lately. :(

Look at you! Running!! I'm so freakin' happy!!! How are you feeling? Everything going well now? Your speed looks really good and you are burnin' those cals I see. How's the pain factor? I hope next to nothing.

Great pics. Looks like you had a good time. Meeting new people is always fun.

Oh! You've been tagged too!
Read my blog!

Irene said...

It was a great day!

AKA Alice,
That was too funny! Both runs were great!

Thanks so much. I'm not feeling very wonder-ous, but I'm doing what I can. :) It was so much fun meeting you. I hope we can hook up again in the not so distant future.

No worries! Hey, thanks for your support! It really means a lot to me. SOMEDAY we'll meet. :) Now I have to go check out your blog...