Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)

One of my indirect goals for fall and winter is to get rid of things I no longer need or use. Many items are clothing that are a little out-dated or I just don't wear. Getting rid of clothes wasn't so hard. Letting go of my old running shoes is another story. One pair was worn the first time I ran a 15K, another pair took me through my second round of marathon training. Then there's the pair that cost more than any other pair of running shoe's I've ever owned -- those shoes dug into the sides of my ankles after a 12 mile run and I haven't worn them since. I can't forget about the pair I bought on sale, which are a half size too small, but they were good for putzing around. I was with my brother when I bought those, and he even bought a pair that he still runs in. I have no more room in my closet for my running shoes. I've counted and there's 15 pairs in my closet. Seriously. That doesn't include the two emergency pairs I have in my car and the pair I'm wearing right now. I realize that some people have way more running shoes than I do, and others probably only have one or two pairs of running shoes. For some reason I just couldn't let go of my running shoes. I still have the pair worn at my first marathon, but those have since been retired to gardening duties. I guess the hard part is that each pair of running shoes tells a story of where I've been and how far I've gone. Even the boxes have the mileage written on the inside lids, just so I can keep track of how many miles I've gone in that particular pair of shoes. I also need to keep in mind that these shoes are just things and have served their purpose. My old running shoes will go in the donation bin at Road Runner Sports, and hopefully, my shoes will be used by someone who really needs them more than I do. It's time to bless and release.

Just so you know, I've donated of 7 pairs of my running shoes and the boxes have gone into the recycle bin.

Thursday's Song:
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Southbay Girl said...

Rock on! I think it's wonderful that you donated so many of your shoes!!!!! Yippee! I do that as well!~

COTY said...

It is so hard to let go of the memories & miles put into those shoes.
Its like when you see them they bring back the memories :)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job on donating-- I should do that. I have so many pair!

peter said...

You gave up your shoes? I can't bear to give up mine yet, though the discard pile keeps growing. Each one has a story, which I memorialize in a runner's id tag on each one which has a line about the marathon that shoe ran. I have been thinking, as the pairs pile up, of throwing the runner's id tags in my dressertop box and throwing the shoes themselves out (donating them). Your post was inspirational!

AKA Alice said...

Do we share a brain?

I've also been looking at the boxes and piles of running shoes that I no longer wear and I can't bear to part with them...but I know I have to since I have nowhere near the closet space to store them indefinitely...

I like the idea of writing a running shoe blog...maybe with photos...maybe that will make the parting easier...sigh...

Irene said...

I should have done that sooner!

Yeah, but after a while there's just too many! I don't want to be a pack rat! Thanks for visiting!

Now I have room for more shoes... LOL.

It's tough, but I've realized that those shoes could be used by someone who really needs them, and they're doing nothing in my closet. Thanks for stopping by!

AKA Alice,
I don't know why I put such a sentimental attachment on my running shoes. I have my race numbers and my times are all recorded somewhere. I have the memories. Someone else could use my shoes that are just sitting there in my closet. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I love that you kept the mileage on each box. What great memories. But, like they say parting is such sad sorrow. But, it's for a wonderful purpose. You will definitely be making someone's day. HUGS!

Deene said...

I wish i could afford that many running shoes.

Irene said...

Before mapmyrun and my GPS thingy, I wrote the mileage on my box lids.

Thanks for stopping by!
Uh, that's an accumulation of 10 years worth of shoes, plus most of them were on super sale, and some of them were free. I'm just bad about letting go of stuff.

Dori said...

Yay, I won!

I love the picture. I was at AmyBee's house a few weeks ago after a race, and we all took our shoes off, because that's what you do in Minnesota. I took a picture of the pile, but it didn't turn out as good as yours.

I usually get rid of my shoes, but I do have an accumulation of discarded shoes. After reading the Runner's World Green Issue, I want to make sure they get recycled. Good for you for decluttering. It's hard to get rid of stuff.