Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I didn't go out shopping.

I didn't decorate the house with lights and holiday decor.

I didn't eat much. I'm still stuffed from yesterday.

I didn't go for a run or walk. I'm still stuffed from yesterday.

I did post a new blog. I decided to post all of my race results in one place. I purposely left out things like comments. It's a very no-frills blog. I feel like I'm missing a couple of races, but it looks relatively complete. I also managed to sort through the pictures from Thanksgiving. We let my 5 year old grandson be the photographer this year. Yes, there are pictures of peoples butts, photos with fingers, and pictures of, well... Photobucket We're not sure what some pictures are. I'll post those later.

Yesterday's song:
Thanksgiving - George Winston



barbie2be said...

oh oh!! steely dan?

notsoccer mom's son took a LOT of pics on our thanksgiving day too.

Irene said...

Winner!!!!!!!! Thanks for keeping me company here on my blog.

I'm sure NSM's son has a more mature eye than my grandson. :)