Monday, November 03, 2008

Kind and Generous

Halloween came and went. My grandson was rather disappointed when we took down all of the ghosts, spiderwebs, pumpkins, lights, scarecrow, and all the other Halloween decor we had put out. As for trick or treating, the kid made out quite well. Our neighborhood is rather generous and gives out full sized candy bars or lunch sized bags just packed with candy. Due to his recent dental work, he is not allowed to have caramels, toffees, or any chewy, gooey candy. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) that was most of his candy. He received a lot of Snickers bars and other similar chocolate candy with a caramel center, and those are on the no list. There was plenty of candy left for him to select from, and he's allowed a couple of pieces after school. My son and his friends ended up with the candy on the no list, so all is well in our household, and those Snickers bars are no longer tempting me.

My daughter ended up winning third place for her costume at a huge Halloween party. She came home with a Batman DVD and the bronze-third place skull.

Now that Halloween has passed, I'm going to make yet another attempt to get back on board with weight training and paying closer attention to nutrition again. I'm starting over as if I had never lifted a weight, and today was the first day. It's hard to hold back and not go heavy too soon. I know I can go heavier, but the problem is getting the weights from the weight stand to the bench. If I could have someone hand me the weights, I could go heavier, but since I workout alone, I have to stick with the 5 pound dumbbell weights for now, and just do a few sets with high reps. I got into trouble last time moving the heavier weights from the weight stand to the bench because the muscles in my right leg are still relatively weak. I did get in an OK workout today, but it wasn't anything to get my endorphins going. It's a start. As for the nutrition part, I did OK today. I'm working on even carb/protein/fat ratios with in 1600 calories, 5 days a week. I may have to tweak the caloric intake up a bit when begin to run more. It was a little carb heavy today, but I'll work that out. I just need to do some mindful grocery shopping.

Sunday's song:
November Has Come - The Gorillaz



leslie said...

Check my blog -- you've been tagged!

Dori said...

It's better to start out slow and get a good foundation. I always lift more weight than I should, then end up so sore, I stay away from weights for months.

Snickers used to be my candy of choice!

Shosh said...

It's good to start at the beginning sometimes, it will help you rebuild slowly. That's good.

You can send all of the Snickers my way if you'd like :-)

Kind and Generous: Natalie Merchant?

Irene said...

Good one! I'm still thinking about the latter part of my list!

Yes! I'm working on that foundation, and you know, it wasn't built in a day! Ditto on the Snickers.

My son and friends devoured the Snickers. Winner!!!