Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Activity: Walk
Date: 11/25/08 11:20 AM
Distance: 0.98 miles
Time: 0:31:35
Speed: 1.8 mph
Pace: 33' 20 min/mile
Calories: 95

This is what a walk at 1.8 mph with my grandson looks like:

All of these photos were taken by Evan, age 5.

Once we were home, the dog was begging for attention. Evan snapped one last photo, just for the sake of the dog.

Yesterday's Song:
Chicken Soup With Rice - Carole King



Southbay Girl said...

sometimes those are awesome walks...and I loved the pictures!!!

Clay Lowe said...

nice to meet you irene

Anonymous said...

WOW. He takes better pictures than my Hubby!!! Great walk!

peter said...

The world in the eyes of a child. Here, there everywhere. Good stuff. I was a boy wandering around the hills of Staten Island again (no Grandma around, those were different times).

AKA Alice said...

Wow...everything nicely framed and following the rule of 3...what a talent!

Irene said...

He loves to take pictures! When he sneaks the camera, it's pictures of his toys, video games and weirdness...

Likewise! Thanks for visiting.

I think he has a knack, but I'm biased.

My son figured that my grandson took the pictures right away, just from a perspective standpoint. It was fun.

AKA Alice,
I don't think he has a clue about composition, but there's something about his randomness that makes me think he has a natural knack for photography.