Monday, April 07, 2008

Fifty Candles

Activity: Run
Date: 04/07/08 09:58 AM
Distance: 3.20 miles
Time: 0:35:51
Speed: 5.3 mph
Pace: 11' 13 min/mile
Calories: 307

Today was definitely a recovery run. I ran in the neighborhood, which includesd some hills. I purposely went out slow, but in all honesty, I would have been in trouble if I went faster, even though I wasn't going that fast to begin with. I'm feeling that deep arthritic knee twinge I'm too familiar with, but this is not a twinge I can ignore. I really need to pay attention to getting in those high rep, low weight leg extension and leg curl exercises on my non running days and STICK WITH IT. Now that my work schedule isn't so weird will be easier to fit in all the necessary workouts and be in a pain free state of ready for the marathon on June 1.

Other stuff...
I scored a Far Out
100% on the

Was there ever any doubt???

Today my husband is 50! Happy Birthday Michael!

Yesterday's Song:
Stones - Neil Diamond



Anne said...

Happy Birthday, Michael!!!

Tara mentioned she has an article of his clothing. Unfortunately, she had a medical emergency and never made it to the train station to drop it off. I think she's planning to be at Kellogg Park for the Low Tide Run.

barbie2be said...

boys II men?

happy birthday, Michael!

i will have to wait until i get home to take that quiz. i don't have sound at work.

leslie said...

Tell Michael that birthday wishes are being sent from Rocklin!

KatieFeldmom said...

Happy Birthday to Michael!!!!!

simplypink said...

Happy Birthday Michael! Enjoy! I gotta check out that quiz too!

Miss Rachel said...

Hey Irene - I got a 95 on the quiz. I'm so mad I didn't get 100. The next line in Jackie Blue is where I messed up - funny because I have that song on a (what else) "Those Fabulous 70s" CD.

I finally caught up on your blog. I love the photos you have been posting. Happy birthday to your husband.

Irene said...

Thanks. I think he had a good birthday. Sorry to hear Tara got so sick! No worries on the clothes. We'll get those later.

Winner!!! Thanks! We were telling Michael that he's "fitty." LOL.

Thanks, and I did!


Simply Pink,
Thanks, and it wasn't too cerebral of a quiz. ;)

Miss Rachel,
Isn't it always that way? It was fun to see (hear) what I remembered. Thanks. I think my husband had a good day. :)