Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We Belong

Tonight's track club workout was supposed to be 7 X 800 meters, with 400 meter cool down jogs between each 800 meters. I only did 4, and ran one 400 and couldn't run the next 400. I'm not sure what's going on but BOTH front of my hips are hurting. I could barely keep up with the back of the pack of C group, and I usually run at the front. I was so frustrated having to stop so soon. I'm not a big cry baby, but I really felt like crying due to sheer frustration. I have a scheduled chiropractic appointment tomorrow morning, thank God,and I hope Dr. Carl can help. For now, I've downed a couple of naprosyn, took a cold shower and used ice. I'm still hurting. I think I've just attended my last Tuesday night track workout until the marathon is over, which is just 4 weeks way. It seems like I get more beat up at the track workouts than I do on the long runs. *sigh*

I'm still deciding about TNT and the Nike Women's Half Marathon. If I could figure out how to get some corporate sponsors, I'd go for it. I have a couple of weeks to decide.

Guess who's headlining the concert with Neil Giraldo after the marathon this year? I hope we're not too tired to attempt attending the concert. Last year we missed out on Seal.

Yesterday's song:
TNT - AC/DC - Barbie2be



Michelle said...

whoa. pain sucks. take care of yourself.

barbie2be said...

pat benatar, of course! i used to do a pretty good pat benatar imitation back in the di-zay.

my knees have been hurting me since i slipped on some produce at safeway on sunday. can't wait to see the chiro tomorrow.

Juls said...

I LOVE this song. Pat Benatar was my FAV when I was in High School.

Irene said...

Yeah, pain sucks! I'm taking a few days off from running.

Winner! Do you have pics from back in the Pat Benetar day??? Ow on the slippage at Safeway. I hope your chiro can help.

Pat Benetar was so "it" back then!

havlow said...


Is everyone training for the same marathon or is the track club just a general running club? I know for swimming that our workouts were a lot more grueling than the other races. Also before a championship meet we would start a taper about 4 weeks before the meet which was a reduced amount of yardage to give our muscles time to rest and repair which had the effect of making us go faster. Not sure if that helps but the different style and "stop and go" parts of your track workout maybe something you're not used to in longer runs and therefore you might be adjusting your stride differently for relatively shorter distances versus the longer runs? Again just putting out my swimming analogy :)


Irene said...

I had this conversation with my chiropractor. I've never trained like this for a marathon. I've always backed off speed in all running, no matter what distance, in the last month of training, and now we're doing a faster pace interval training, and I'm trashed. You're right, in that I'm not used to it. The swimming analogy does work on me. My kids did swim team for years. :) Thanks for the input! It really does affirm what I've been thinking my aches and pains were coming from.

simplypink said...

I love Pat Benatar! I love "hit me with your best shot" on guitar hero. Take care Irene, hope you're feeling better.