Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Feelin' Stronger Every Day

Track club workout
3 lap warm up, 6 x 800 meters with a 400 meter recovery jog.

I left my cell phone at home, so I didn't track my distance. I'm figuring we ran about 5.25 miles, total. It was a little blustery out, and it took a while to warm up. I did my first 800 meters in about 4:30-ish, and it was tough. By the time I did my last 800 my time was more like 4:15, and it wasn't hard. I could have easily run another 800 meters.

Here's a photo from a portion of the 16 mile run on Saturday. I believe we're approaching water stop #2, probably around mile 6, that's why we're starting to smile. Just in case, that's me in the black and white, just behind the lady with the light orange top.

Photo courtesy of the San Diego Track club

Yesterday's song:
Fifty Candles - Boys II Men - Barbie2be



barbie2be said...

sounds like a great workout. i have been stepping up my walking every night. i am at about a 14 minute mile right now. that seems like an ok pace to me.

oh yeah... chicago!

i finally took that 70's music quiz. for some reason i only got 95% on the score even though i got all the answers right.

KatieFeldmom said...

Love that Chicago song!!!

Irene said...

I'm really feeling my quads today! Ouch! It was a good workout. BTW, that's a nice walking pace. :) Winner!

I hadn't thought about Chicago (the band) in a LONG time!