Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Haven't Got Time For The Pain

Happy Wednesday!

No workout or run today.

I had a scheduled chiropractic appointment this morning. My knees were not happy and I was thinking I would need to take a couple weeks off from running, and with about 6 1/2 weeks left until the marathon I was feeling doomed. That long run last Saturday DID offset my right knee, which was causing most of my running problems and my left quad issues. Dr. Carl put everything back. Talk about relief! I walked out of that appointment a happy camper and pain free!

I also did my usual post-chiro appointment routine and went to Costco for the standard home supplies. Today they had things I'd never seen before, such as lactose free Muscle Milk, Adidas running shorts IN MY SIZE, swim goggles, Perfect Pushups Grips with instructional CD, and seasonal goodies, like blown glass solar lights for for the garden. Yeah, I scored, but I also had their annual rebate check and it was my turn to choose how to spend it.

I haven't mentioned here, but I'm participating in another challenge over at My goals are to maintain my current weight or slightly lower and to continue marathon training for a 4:45:00 finish time or better. This includes tracking my caloric intake with even carb/protein ratios, and low fat. 1500 calories is the target number, except for Friday and Saturday, which will be arond 1800+ calories and with a higher whole grain carb ratio. The reason behind the weight maintanance is that I've gained weight in the past with marathon training. I want to maintain, not gain. If I'm dillegent now, it won't be a problem later. Sounds easy enough, but it isn't always as easy in real life as it is in writing.

I'm on day 3 of logging in my food intake on Fitday. Monday I was under my caloric intake and not hungry. Yesterday I felt like I just couldn't eat enough while trying to stay around 1500 calories for the day. It was tough. I'm trying to be good about getting in more protein on Monday through Thursday, then getting in more whole grains (carbs) on Friday and Saturday. Today I'm slightly carb heavy, but the day isn't over yet, and I picked up a nice salmon fillet for dinner tonight, and that should even things out.

Yesterday's song:

Used to the Pain - Keith Urban - Barbie2be



Evelyne said...

Hey, believe it or not, my Hubby JUST bought those Perfect Pushup thingies for me too! I'm tryin' them out!

Sounds like a great plan you have there!

SOOOO glad the Chiro was able to make the pain go away! Whoo-hoo!!

barbie2be said...

i love my chiro! i can't imagine anyone not using one.

Michelle said...

that's incredible that he was able to fix your knee just like that! You're on your way to that speedy marathon time. Have you heard of a book called Chi Running? I'm reading it right now. Even though I wouldn't exactly call myself a "runner" yet. I'm only on chapter 2.

Irene said...

We'll have to share notes! I've been looking at those for a while and was surprised to see them at Costco for a good price!

Prior to seeing a chiorprarctor, I was a skeptic, but mine massages before adjusting, plus he does a lot of pressure point techniques that leave me feeling like jello. ;)...

I was also amazed! My knee was so stiff and I was afraid I would have to cut out running for a few weeks. He put it back and with in the day I hardly noticed that my knee had any issues!