Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Am The Walrus

I went to Sea World on Friday just because I didn't get in enough touristy stuff while on the cruise...

Meet Obie. He looks more like Jabba the Hutt.

Seriously, though... My husband and I were invited to Sea World with my office. We also had a behind the scenes tour of one of their exhibits, which was more fun than watching some of the shows. I had arrived a little late because my car battery was dead, so I missed out on petting the beluga whales, but I did get to meet Obie and feed him fresh fish. I've never fed a walrus before, and he just sucked up that fish with one big slurp, as if he were a vacuum cleaner. Here's Pinky (in the pink shirt, duh!) right after Obie slurped up a fish.

Other stuff...
I almost forgot to mention that we met Meghan (from PDB) while we were in Orlando, Florida. Meghan couldn't attend the cruise, but joined for dinner a day prior to sailing. We also forgot to take photos with Meghan. Ah well... There will be a next time.

Friday's song:
Rock The Boat - The Hues Corporation - Barbie2be



AKA Alice said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh...I know it! I know it!
The Beatles, right? (I haven't known one in awhile...forgive me).

I've done the behind the scene tour too...Way better than the shows (IMHO).

Hey, Irene, can you email me through my blog? There's a "contact me" link on my profile page. I need to ask you something.

barbie2be said...

sounds like fun. i have never been to seaworld. :(

Irene said...

AKA Alice,
Winner!!! The shows used to be informative, now it's just the animals splashing to the music...

If you ever make it to Sea World, try and get a behind the scenes tour of one of the exhibits. The shows are sort of glitzy and, well, not that good.